Monday, 28 March 2011

Appsmaker Announce OptimalDiskPro

For More Power, Reliability and Monitoring of Your Hard Drives
Enfield London, 28th March 2011 – Interactive Ideas, one of the UK’s leading value-added software and peripherals distributor in partnership with appsmaker, is pleased to announce the release of appsmaker OptimalDiskPro.

OptimalDiskPro is a innovative new software that will help you optimize your hard disk by speeding it up, repairing and monitoring it. Your hard disk needs constant maintenance. Without care and attention your hard disk will lose performance due to fragmented files, downloads and viruses. OptimalDiskPro returns the performance of your PC to that of when you first purchased it.

OptimalDiskPro provides high efficient modules for analyzing the most important physical parameters of your hard disk, detecting and repairing file system errors. To prevent losing valuable data in the event of a hard disk crash, OptimalDiskPro monitors all your hard drives and warns you in advance of a problem before any data is lost.

OptimalDiskPro provides a powerful network interface. The OptimalDisk Server will be installed on any centrally accessible Windows computer, or registered with a few clicks on the server on other computer systems. You can access the management console of the server from any computer, whether it is a laptop, PC, iPhone or iPad.

Main Features:

·         Defragmentation of disk, folders and files
·         Parallel defragmentation on different physical drives
·         Windows sidebar gadget
·         Basic support by e-mail, automatic updates
·         Monitors all hard drives and warns you of a problem before any information is lost
·         Disk Doktor and Benchmark

Price and Availability:

OptimalDiskPro is available at RRP £39.99 inc from


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