Monday, 31 October 2011

Acme Launches 7” Tablet
New light weight tablet for every day, anywhere use with Capacitive multi touch screen and latest Android 2.3

Enfield London, 31st October, 2011, Interactive Ideas, one of the UK’s top, value-added software and peripherals distributor in partnership with leading PC, Office and Gaming producer Acme, today announced the launch of their 7” tablet.
The Acme 7” Tablet will will transform the way you browse the internet.transform the way you browse the internet and enhance the way you watch and share music, videos and images
The tablet incorporates a quick clock speed 1GHz processor which will guarantee a speedy and smooth internet experience. You will get the very best viewing experience with the latest version of Android v 2.3: the new user interface makes it easier to learn, faster to use, and more power-efficient. The Capacitive 7’ screen delivers all the ease and comfort of use that today’s leading technology has to offer. Touch, multi-touch, excellent visibility is the standard of the tablet PC today.
With a powerful battery, the ACME Tablet is always ready to go. Enjoy - up to 12 hours of music, up to 4.5 hours video, up to 6 hours of internet browsing. Enhanced with Wi-Fi technology you will reach any of social networks and easily chat with your friends, colleagues around the world. Watch videos taken yourself or browse YouTube videos.

The Acme 7” Tablet incorporates a built-in webcam too. You can video chat and remain mobile. Or simply pass the device around to your friends or family to keep up to date with the latest news. Weighing less than 400 grams, the Acme tablet is very easy to carry.

while it's cutting edge Android 2.2 Froyo operating system offers the highest of performance speeds while it's cutting edge Android 2.2 Froyo operating system offers the highest of performance speeds. The Acme Tablet comes off-the-shelf with 512MB of DDR2 memory and 4GB of flash memory which can easily be expanded via the Micro SD to 32GB. There is plenty of space to share and view images and files and listen to your playlists.
 It's 7" multi touch screen puts all your favourite widgets and social networking sites at your fingertipsIt's 7" multi touch screen puts all your favourite widgets and social networking sites at your fingertips It's 7" multi touch screen puts all your favourite widgets and social networking sites at your fingertips.

Technical Specifications:

CPU: S5PV210 (Cortex A8) CPU, speed 1 GHz
Flash memory: 4 GB (expandable via micro SD card slot up to 32 GB)
Size: capacitive 7”
Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels
Operating system: Android 2.2
Camera: 0,3 M pixel
Capacity: 2000 mAh
Life-time: Up to 12 hours of music, up to 4,5 hours video, up to 6 hours of internet browsing
Units dimensions: 12,07(W) x 1.35(H) x 19.51(D) cm
Unit weight: 391 g.
I/O connections:
Video output: mini HDMI (1080p and 720p)
Audio output: 3.5mm headphone
Data connectivity: USB 2.0 hi-speed

Price & Availability:
The Acme 7” tablet is distributed in the UK by Interactive Ideas and is available for MSRP £179.49 inc from Amazon

Thursday, 27 October 2011

True portability with stylish new foldable headphones from Urbanista.

The Copenhagen combines slick looks with high performance to bring you a unique listening experience.

Southampton, UK, 27th October 2011; Urbanista, the Stockholm-based design concept shop which produces products geared towards the needs and fashions of urban living, has announced the release of the Copenhagen headphones.
With Copenhagen, Urbanista have taken design one step further. Copenhagen is a series of colourful folding headphones. The mid-size, over the ear headphones feature an unconventional square-like shape with an integrated microphone along their cord. Two joints allow the headphones to be folded into a compact shape for easy transport.
Composed of steel and available in six different colours, the headphones have a 3.5mm plug that works with most phones and music players available.
·         Mid size, folding headphones
·         3.5mm plug
·         Comes with a stylish, protective box
·         Available in six different colours – Red Snapper, Crispy Apply, Gun Metal, Fluffy Cloud, Dark Clown and Pink Panther
Price and Availability:
The Copenhagen Headphone series is available at RRP £79 from
NEW MAGIX PC Check & Tuning 2012

The Complete Solution for Windows Optimisation and PC Acceleration

UK, October 26th, MAGIX AG, One of the leading international providers of software, online services, and digital content, has announced the release of PC Check & Tuning 2012.

MAGIX PC Check & Tuning 2012 combines optimization, acceleration, and maintenance in a comprehensive yet simple program. Being both easy to use and having professional tools gives pro results, even to users with no prior technical expertise.

Whether a Desktop PC, Note or Netbook, Windows® XP, Windows® Vista® or Windows® 7 - the program examines the computer for weaknesses, identifies the causes of system problems, and independently fixes any errors. With a combination of tuning functions, driver updates and software updates Performance Check is unique and guarantees long term performance and stability. Similar to antivirus programs the software provides new information for optimization using the intelligent data bank. This leads to a system which is reliable in the long term and works quickly.


  • NEW! Performance Check: Analyzes the performance of various system components or of the whole system and compares the results with other PCs.
  • NEW! MAGIX Driver Update: “DriveUp” – updates drivers quickly and safely developed.
  • NEW! Turbo hard drive defragmentation: organizes files quickly thanks to the newly developed defragmentation software
  • NEW! High speed mode for video editing
  • With driver updates, software updates and performance checks
  • Simple 2-step operation: analyze problems, fix problems = done
  • Secure system: "PC Live" continuously monitors the performance and reports changes
  • Improve performance, free disk space, configure Windows®, save energy etc.
Price & Availability:

MAGIX PC Check & Tuning 2012 is available now for SRP £29.99 inc VAT from Amazon and PC World.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


The Perfect Solution For The Everyday Commute!

London, UK, October 25th 2011, Leading Australian bag manufacturer, STM Bags has announced the release of the velo laptop shoulder bag.

“The velo is a direct response from what our customers have asked for,” said STM’s co-founder Adina Jacobs. “An everyday messenger style laptop bag with enough organisation for all the day’s need while not looking too much like a laptop bag.”

Whether you travel by car, bike, plane or train, the velo laptop bag will completely organise even the most complicated of days. Made of a lightweight, durable and water resistant nylon, the velo has more pockets than you can shake a hard drive at. The multiple organiser pockets enable quick and easy access for the smallest of devices whilst the two zippered side pockets enable you to carry everything you need for the journey to the office.

The unique side-entry laptop protection compartment is lined with super plush corduroy and high density foam to protect your laptop whatever the journey. With the top grab carry handle and the padded adjustable shoulder strap you can be sure of a comfortable carry throughout the day.

Available in black and in two sizes to fit most 13” and 15” laptops, the velo is the perfect carrying solution when comfort and security are the key components of the journey.

Learn more by visiting


  • Front fleece lined drop pocket for phone and iPod
  • Comfortable top grab handle
  • Main flap secured with two quick release buckles
  • Two zippered side pockets for water or an umbrella
  • Back slip pocket for paperwork and a zippered option to slip over a luggage handle
  • Padded, adjustable shoulder strap
  • Unique side-entry laptop protection compartment lined with corduroy and high density foam
  • Large main compartment for paperwork
  • Soft nylex lined tablet/e-reader pocket
  • Multiple organiser pockets
Price & Availability:

The STM velo is available now to fit most 13” and 15” laptops at RRP £69.95.

For stockist information please go to:

Reallusion Announces Big Lens
-Big Lens Turns Your iPhone Into A Professional Camera
When it comes to creating great-looking images, it’s all about focus. Big Lens gives you the ultimate in focus and filter tools for your iPhone.
Northampton, UK, October 25th 2011— Reallusion, the award-winning developer of 3D and 2D Cinematic tools, are pleased to announce Big Lens; a brand-new photography application that will turn your iPhone/iPad into a professional SLR camera.  
Reallusion’s Big Lens is designed to provide the best and most important tools to expand your iPhone digital lifestyle. The features included in this app have been refined and tested to deliver a cutting edge visual experience, and the unique interface helps to simplify every task while simultaneously expanding your photographic capabilities. 
Whether you’re a novice or pro photographer, Big Lens is your secret weapon when taking shots with the iPhone. Snap a picture and then edit it like magic by setting the aperture, changing periphery blur levels, and adjusting background light to create a Bokeh effect with just a few gestures. Numerous powerful filter effects make Big Lens perfect for creating professional-looking photos on your iPhone.
5 SUPER tools help iPhone/iPad users to create high quality photos.
1.    Smart Focus System
The Big Lens Smart Focus system allows you to use your finger tips to focus your images without any previous knowledge in Depth-of-Field. You can use basic geometric shapes or a lasso tool to auto-focus your target, or you can choose advanced mode to manually define your focus area. Smart Focus will then automatically refine your selection with precision.
2.    Aperture Control
Adjust the aperture in Big Lens with a single gesture to instantly change the blur level of the out-of-focus area. Remember that larger apertures blur the background more! Big Lens also offers 9 unique lenses that allow out-of-focus light points to blur into shapes like hearts and stars. This great tool turns simple-looking backgrounds into atmospheric backdrops.
3.    Filter Effects
Filters allow photographers to create special tones over images. Big Lens has more than 18 filters that allow users to enhance color, increase contrast, or add Lomo effects. The result is spectacular filter simulation results right from your iPhone.
4.    Instant Focus/Blur Tool
With instant focus and blur tools, users are able to instantly modify the focus and blur area with their fingers in no time. Use simple gestures to enhance and retouch focal areas to make the subject of your photos really pop! 
5.    Before & After Preview
This is another great tool that allows users to compare before & after images to ensure they get the exact result they’re looking for. You can review your images at any time during your make-over process.
To learn more about Big Lens, visit the iTunes Store, and download
or visit Reallusion to get more information:

Monday, 24 October 2011

Paragon Software Reinforces its Support for Mac Users with the Release of 3 Products – Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X 9.5, CampTune X and Virtualization Manager for Mac
Change volume sizes in dual-boot Mac OS X/Windows systems, migrate an entire Mac OS X environment to a virtual machine, or access NTFS volumes without restrictions -- even on the latest Thunderbolt devices!

FREIBURG, Germany, October, 2011Paragon Software Group (PSG), a leader in data backup, disaster recovery, and data migration solutions, today announced the release of three solutions for Mac users working in a dual OS environment or planning to upgrade to OS X Lion – NTFS for Mac® OS X 9.5, Virtualization Manager for Mac and a beta version of CampTune X.

NTFS for Mac OS X 9.5
NTFS for Mac OS X 9.5 is a standalone application for dual-boot users designed to eliminate barriers between Windows and Mac operating systems, and ease data manipulation and data transfer.  Simple to install, Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X 9.5 adds NTFS file allocation system support to Mac OS X, including OS X Lion, allowing the operating system to access any NTFS-formatted drive. The program provides the safest and fastest way to treat data on NTFS volumes in Mac OS X, and allows partitioning operations with NTFS volumes under Mac OS X.

Key Features include:
§  Updated support of the latest OS X Lion, including 32/64-bit native mode.
§  Support for the latest Thunderbolt devices.
§  Support for extended attributes.
§  Fast volume transfer speed.
§  Full read/write access:  Modify existing files, delete files and create or copy new files.
§  No limitation to maximum file/partition size (must be within Mac OS X and NTFS specifications).

CampTune X (Beta)
Many dual-boot users face the problem of resizing partitions as the amount of data – either on HFS or NTFS volumes – increases over time. CampTune X is a next-generation utility that changes volume sizes in dual-boot Mac OS X/Windows systems by adding more space to one volume at the expense of another.  Simple to use, CampTune X is a native utility that adjusts volume size in a few simple clicks without the need to boot to a special environment.

Key Features include:
§  32/64-bit native mode for OS X Lion.
§  Correctly treats OS X Lion special volume.
§  Simple and convenient user interface.
§  Works directly in OS X. No need to boot a computer into a special environment.

Virtualization Manager for Mac
Upgrading to a new operating system – with potential incompatibilities between the old software and the new environment – can sometimes lead to unpredictable results.  For Mac OS X Leopard/Snow Leopard users who wish to upgrade to OS X Lion, creating a virtual clone of a physical machine in order to save an old workplace after upgrading can add some stability to the migration process. Virtualization Manager for Mac is a solution for smooth migration of an Mac OS X environment to a virtual machine, and allows users to create and run a virtual clone of a physical machine that can be used anywhere.  Virtualization Manager for Mac is a standalone application that runs the virtual clone of your OS X-driven environment on another machine without loading into a special environment, or saves it for use as a backup.

Paragon’s convenient, unique utilities bridge a gap between Mac and PC, making it possible to easily treat data on diverse file systems, arrange volumes and prepare combine virtual environments.  Paragon Software was the first software developer to implement a full set of drivers with complete read/write access to partitions of any file system – including Paragon NTFS for Linux, HFS+ for Linux, NTFS for Mac, ExtFS for Mac, HFS+ Browser for Windows, and ExtFS Browser for Windows.  Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X and HFS+ for Windows are based on Paragon’s own unique Universal File System Driver (UFSD) technology – specifically developed to provide full access (read/write, format, etc.) to volumes of the most popular file systems (NTFS, HFS+, FAT, Ext2/2FS, etc.) under various platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux and DOS).

Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X 9.5 is available for USD 19.95, EUR 14.95 or GBP 12.95, and can be downloaded at Owners of Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X 9.0 may upgrade to version 9.5 for free. Paragon CampTune X is open to beta testers and can currently be downloaded for free at  Paragon Virtualization Manager for Mac is available for free, and can be downloaded at

Thursday, 20 October 2011

MS Access 2010 Dog Tease

Microsoft Access programmers are struggling with how to make database apps available to remote users via web browsers & mobile devices. Microsoft Access 2010 is a disappointment because of the difficulty and cost of porting MS Access applications to the web using Visual Studio and SharePoint. There's a better way to do it -- with Alpha Five!

Check out Clark the Dog chatting about Alpha Five!

Reallusion Launches iClone 5 with 3D Real-Time Innovation Featuring Microsoft Kinect Motion Capture.

San Jose, CA – October 20th  2011, - Reallusion announces the release of iClone5, a new movement in 3D real-time animation powering previz and production with ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, indie animators and educators worldwide.

Reallusion’s iClone5 presents breakthrough motion-building technology with multiple motion capture, editing and blending features.  Microsoft Kinect for production of real-time motion-capture animation has arrived.  iClone5 is the first commercial animation tool to provide revolutionary support for the Kinect device enabling users to create custom motion from their home, office or studio.  Requiring only a few feet of space and an affordable price; Microsoft has opened the way for users to adopt motion capture hardware, on a budget. 

Reallusion, a certified Microsoft Kinect developer revealed the technology and announcement of the iClone Kinect plug-in during Microsoft TechDays September 2011. Record actor motion with Kinect and further enhance the animation using iClone5’s built-in HumanIK from Autodesk.  Innovation in motion with iClone5 offers more ways to get your actors moving.  The Motion Puppet tool reveals a number of character performances that can be puppetted or looped to generate walk-cycles, dialogue gestures, emotional exclamations or steady idle behavior. Seamlessly create multiple motion sequences with the new MixMoves smart motion system that auto-calculates the most natural transition between multiple motion files.  Animating digital actors with iClone5 lip-synch, facial animation & body puppeteering provides a total real-time solution for quickly generating and animating custom 3D actors.  iClone5 visual enhancements include real-time ambient occlusion, toon-shader, stylistic shader effects, lighting multiplier, height-map terrain and increased level of detail (LOD) management.

iClone5 adds physics to objects for dynamic and interactive scene animations with rigid body and soft body prop templates.  The production and previz work environment of iClone enables artists to access a total studio of 3D production tools.  iClone5 features enhanced filmmaking tools to speed animation production while providing cutting-edge real-time performance optimizations to make highly-detailed visual fx while the PC remains in high-performance.

Additional Features:
  • Digital Actors
    • Replicate real-life with photo-to-3D actor creation
    • Design & direct 3D characters ready-rigged for body & facial animation
    • Multiple character styles for human and non-human varieties
    • Avatar proportion editor enhanced in iClone5 for scaling body segments
    • G5 characters introduced with improved mesh and morph
  • Motion Puppet
    • Audition and record body motion with innovative actor puppeteering.
    • Blend MixMoves mocap library motions to create seamless transitions from motion to motion.
    • Animate on-the-fly with real-time Microsoft Kinect motion capture
  • 3D Video Compositing
    • Drag & drop video into scenes as video wall props or video texture for 3D objects.
    • Create Virtual studios for green-screen work with real actors
    • Export animation for use in post-production with 32-bit alpha channel support.
  • Production & Previz
    • Real-time Ambient Occlusion, HDR, Toon Shader & Sketch
    • Physics engine for simulation of Rigid & Soft body, includes props
    • Just-in-time animation for studios and on-air production
    • Real-time creativity for Previzualization of live-action with animation
    • Web, HD video & 3D Stereoscopic rendering
    • Multi-view picture-in-picture for simultaneous camera viewports
  • Scene & Terrain
    • Level of detail (LOD) management
    • Tree & grass brush for planting a meadow, one tree or a forest at one time
    • Height-map Terrain increases terrain quality & topologies
  • 3D Content Marketplace
    • Largest online catalog of real-time ready assets
    • Download and demo content to try before you buy
Buy, sell & share content

Download versions and box versions of iClone will be available from the Reallusion Online  Store at, with prices starting at £69 for the Standard version, PRO version of iClone5 at £159, iClone Kinect plug-in £79. Availability at leading retailers worldwide will follow. Business site licenses, with prices based on volume requirements, and educational discounts are available directly from
Free trials and upgrades are also available at the Reallusion website.