Thursday, 28 July 2011


Does This Case Make My iPad Look Skinny?

London, UK, July 28th 2011, Leading Australian bag manufacturer, STM Bags has announced the release of the Skinny for the iPad 2.
“We are super excited about the skinny”, noted STM co-founder Adina Jacobs. “As iPad users ourselves, we wanted to create a case that embodied the protective quality of every STM product while looking like something we’d want to carry.”

The skinny is made from durable 300D ripstop fabric. The custom fitted, hard shell back lined with soft micro suede protects your iPad 2 from scratches and external abuse. The flexible front cover includes a magnetic instant wake and sleep feature, and can also be folded to prop up the iPad 2 for typing or viewing modes.

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  • Auto on and off front cover wakes up the device and puts it to sleep
  • Lightweight, slim and protective construction for a comfortable and easy carry
  • Snap in, hard shell back with soft lining provides enhanced protection from scratches and bumps
  • Easy to access device ports and control buttons
  • Foldable front cover for typing or viewing modes
  • Loop closure for quick and easy access
  • Complete protection for the iPad 2
Price & Availability:

The STM skinny is available now at the RRP £39.95

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Reallusion Announce iClone 5 - Coming in September 2011!

The long awaited and highly anticipated iClone5 is almost here! Reallusion has once again raised the bar on affordable, do-it-yourself animation with the coming launch of iClone5. Since 2009, Reallusion has been receiving tons of feedback and wishful features from all over the animation industry. We are now very excited to announce that this revolutionary, animation dream tool is almost here.

Tweaked with Autodesk’s® HumanIK® game middleware; iClone5 enables characters to interact realistically with their environment or even other characters. Create in-house animations by moving your body in front of any Kinect Motion Capture system and start producing your own customized animations on the spot! Also included, are real-time physics, toon rendering and many other shader effects that will bring you to the next level of professional movie-making. Read More and Pre-order today:

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Easily Eliminate Desktop Cable Clutter with Henge Docks!

Enables clean MacBook integration into a desktop setup or home theatre system

London, 21st July, 2011, Computers Unlimited, Europe’s leading distributor for everything Apple, announces the UK availability of Henge Docks. Henge Docks has created the first truly comprehensive docking station solution for Apple’s line of notebook computers. This means you can quickly, easily and cleanly incorporate your MacBook computer into a desktop setup or your home theatre system, so you get the best features of a laptop, desktop and media centre PC all from one computer. The design doesn’t require any hardware, software or settings changes to your computer. Most MacBooks are compatible with one of the Henge Docks. There is even a Henge Dock for prior versions as well.  For example, for 13 & 15” MacBooks, there is a version for any machine from late 2008 to mid 2009 and for 17” MacBook from mid 2009 to 2010.

Each Henge Dock model is designed for a specific type of MacBook computer. Included with each dock is a full complement of custom USB, Ethernet, Audio cables and in some models Firewire cables, designed to work with the Henge Dock system.

The Henge Dock, MacBook docking system reuses a customer’s existing Apple supplied MagSafe power source and Mini-DisplayPort to DVI adapter. Setting up a Henge Docks unit is straight forward, allowing you to select only the cables you need making docking and undocking the computer as easy as possible.

Price and Availability:

Henge Docks are available from &  in a range of sizes to suit MacBooks at the following SRPs:

13" - £59 inc.
15" - £69 inc.
17" - £79 inc.

About Henge Docks:
Henge Docks, LLC created the first line of truly comprehensive docking stations for Apple's current crop of notebook computers. They are based in Arlington, Virginia just outside of Washington, DC and feature a continually expanding portfolio of computing accessories.

Friday, 8 July 2011


Reallusion delivers an intuitive animation experience for all age and skill levels- following the huge success of CrazyTalk Animator; contestants can now easily turn everyday objects into unimaginable, 2D characters in the Animation Salad Competition.

San Jose, CA (July 8th, 2011) — Reallusion, the award-winning leader of 3D Cinematic tools for consumers, students and professionals, announces that this year it is once again hosting an all-out Animation Competition for general and educational users. Contestants from all walks of life now have the opportunity to animate puppets, toys, fruits, stuffed animals, vegetables and any other inanimate objects found around the house, in an insanely fun and educative competition!

This year has seen the tremendous reception of CrazyTalk Animator, a revolutionary 2D animation engine that has literally re-written the book on 2D animation as it is designed from the ground up to avoid neck-breaking, frame-by-frame editing. For this reason, CrazyTalk Animator has been chosen to be part of the Animation Salad Competition as it literally allows you to animate anything.

Participants can create a whole range of amazing actors from photographs, sketches or illustrations, and bring them to life with easy facial and body fitting editors. This provides a unique opportunity for anyone to participate since contestants no longer need to be steeped in animation or drawing expertise. CrazyTalk Animator empowers beginners, students, and professionals to create quick, quality animations in minutes.

Users can showcase their talents by uploading their videos to Youtube, Vimeo or any other free video sharing platforms to compete for over 10 award-winning categories including; Best Picture, Best Director, Most Popular, Campus Special, Best Original Character and others. Reallusion has even taken special consideration to allow the participation of students and teachers who wish to submit their video entries through the Animation Salad Channel provided by, as SchoolTube is a school-safe video platform. Participants simply need to tag their videos with the animationsalad’ keyword in order for their videos to be added to the channel. Winners can look forward to branded prizes such as Sony HD Camcorder, iPad2, Xbox 360, Wacom tablets and more!

To compete, simply fill-out the submission form with your video title, video description, credits, contact information and uploaded video URL. Animation Salad videos must be created with Reallusion's CrazyTalk Animator software and need to be no longer than 10 minutes. Anyone is eligible to compete as CrazyTalk Animator has a very user friendly interface and it is available in a FREE trial version at Reallusion's website.

Learn more, and join this summer’s hottest 2D Animation event at