Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Luna 5 Encore

Fantastic Review of the Edifier Luna 5 Encore!

“For a dock it provides absolutely incredible sound…. It sounds absolutely magnificent”

Check out the full review below:


Monday, 18 June 2012

Edifier Launches Sensational Spinnaker Speaker System

Striking, iconic system combines abstract shape with outstanding audio performance and Bluetooth connectivity.

London, UK, June 18th, 2012; Since its inception in 1996, Edifier has developed a worldwide reputation for developing and Marketing visionary speaker systems that combine state-of-the-art design with a sound quality reflecting one of their core strengths: ‘Passion for sound’.

This reputation has been recognised at the recent CES 2012 show where the latest lifestyle-product – the Spinnaker – was awarded an ‘Innovations Design and Engineering Award’ following months of fine-tuning of the product by ex-Wharfdale Production Manager Phil Jones. Edifier is now delighted to be able to bring this stunning new product to a global audience.

The Spinnaker is an iconic system, standing 15 inches tall the abstract shape is designed to be visually striking as well as a facilitator to enhance the audio performance. The shape projects sound towards the listener with a 19mm silk domed, front facing tweeter, a 2¾ inch mid-range driver, reinforced with a downward firing 4 inch subwoofer in each satellite. The Spinnaker is Bluetooth enabled, allowing audio connectivity to any Bluetooth device that supports both A2DP and AVRCA profiles for versatile track navigation, play/mute and volume adjustment through the multi-functional dome-shaped remote control. The remote control operates on a 433Mhz radio frequency up to a 10M radius making all control options easily accessible without the disturbance of inanimate objects. An optical and auxiliary input port is also available for connectivity to other external multimedia devices simultaneously. A speaker-output port allows an external subwoofer/speaker to be connected for additional base performance, making the Spinnaker a versatile system for both home and office use.


- Bluetooth pairing capability with Bluetooth enabled devices
- A2DP and AVRCA Bluetooth profile support within a distance of 10m radius
- Optical input port for connectivity to multimedia systems, gaming consoles and media centre
- Auxiliary input port for versatile connectivity to external devices
- Uniquely designed dome-shaped, multifunctional wireless remote with an aluminium shell
- Incorporation of digital sound processing technology (DSP) with separate 6-channel digital
crossover for effective sound amplification
- Separate super-bass output port for connection to an external subwoofer
- Each speaker is a fully active and tri-amped system for enhanced dynamic and power capabilities

Total RMS Output Power: 10W x2 + 10W x 2 + 25W x 2(THD+N testing level): 10%
Distortion: (%) ≤0.5
Signal to Noise ratio dB (A) ≥90dBA
Frequency range: 50Hz - 23kHz -10dB
Frequency response: 68Hz - 20kHz +/-3dB on reference axis
Crossover Frequencies: 135Hz, 3.2kHz
Channel Separation: (dB) ≥45dBA
Input sensitivity: 780mV +/-50mV

Driver Units:
Treble unit: 0.75"(19mm) silk dome tweeter, Magnetically Shielded, 4Ω
Midrange unit 2 ¾ inch(70mm), Magnetically Shielded, 4Ω
Bass Unit 4 inch (116mm), Magnetically Shielded, 6Ω
Audio input type: AUX, Bluetooth, Optical
Audio output: Bass expansion for outboard subwoofer
Adjustment: Wireless remote control; volume, mute, standby
Power supply: Input 100V – 240V AC, Output:20V/60W DC
Dimension: Body (W×H×D) 140 mm (5.51”) ×413 mm (16.26”) ×189mm (7.44”)
Weight: 4.3Kg (net) 5.3Kg
Colour options: Black/Burgundy

Price and Availability:

The Spinnaker is available at SRP £329.99 inc and is available from 1st July from the Apple Online Store and August onwards from Currys and Comet.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

NEW MAGIX Rescue Your Vinyl & Tapes Version 4.

Transport Your Favourite Music into the Digital Age!

UK, MAGIX AG, 12th June 2012, One of the leading international providers of software, online services, and digital content, has announced the release of Rescue Your Vinyl & Tapes Version 4.
The music you own on analog media is in more danger than you think – scratches, dirt, day-to-day use and warping can render your old music collection useless. MAGIX Rescue Your Vinyl & Tapes 4 includes everything you need to digitize your LPs right away in three simple steps.

Personal analog music media can be loaded onto a PC easily and without technical knowledge using the new version of MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab MX and a premium USB preamplifier. The new Turbo Tape function helps record cassettes that were recorded with High Speed Dubbing automatically at the right tempo and the song can be tweaked with the audio editing tools. More than 60 new presets help define the desired sound characteristics, and noises can be removed even if the record has been damaged.

  • NEW! Turbo Tape: record and restore tape recordings with ease using high speed dubbing.
  • NEW! More than 60 new presets for quick and effective sound optimization.
  • NEW! Master reverb effect: add reverb or echo effects to the entire track.
  • NEW! Media-X-change: direct file “Sharing” with other MAGIX programs. Transfer edited recordings, e.g to MAGIX MP3 deluxe, without intermediate steps.
  • IMPROVED! Automatic Cleaning wizard: now more goal-orientated and easier to use.
  • IMPROVED! Step-by-step wizards: for perfect sound cleaning and mastering.

Price & Availability:

MAGIX Rescue Your Vinyl and Tapes Version 4 is available now for SRP £59.99 inc VAT from Amazon, PC World and Currys and other stockists of high quality software.


A Sleek, Hands Free Solution to Your Digital Day

London, UK, 13th June 2012 - Leading Australian bag manufacturer, STM Bags has announced the release of the hood laptop backpack. Carry and protect your digital gear with the hood laptop backpack.

With two main pockets, the hood provides space for your books, folders, paperwork and digital devices. The high density foam padded laptop section and organisational panel with integrated iPad pocket is lined with soft brushed nylex, whilst the quick access pocket provides space for your accessories.

The hidden zippered pocket protects your valuables and hides them from view, and the integrated phone pouch on the shoulder strap ensures easy access. There are also two versatile side pockets for water bottles and an umbrella. STM’s hood provides you with a comfortable carry for all your essentials.  

The hood is available in black and olive to fit most 15” laptops.

Learn more by visiting http://www.stmbags.com/


  • High density foam padded laptop section lined with soft brushed nylex
  • Organisational panel with integrated iPad pocket lined with soft brushed nylex
  • Two main pockets for books, folders, paperwork etc
  • Quick access pocket for accessories
  • Hidden zippered pouch for valuables
  • Two versatile side pockets
  • Integrated phone pouch on shoulder strap for easy access

Price & Availability:

The STM hood is available now at RRP £64.95.

For stockist information please go to: http://www.stmbags.com/

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

PCmover® Still the Only Complete Solution for Windows® Upgrades

When Microsoft® releases Windows 8, many existing users will face a significant challenge in how to upgrade. PCmover is the solution.

Southampton, UK, 8th June, 2012, -  Laplink® Software, Inc. today disclosed some of the key features in its upcoming Windows® 8 release of PCmover®, including continued support for in-place upgrades, hard drive and image restoration and Metro compatibility.
When Microsoft® releases Windows 8, many existing users will face a significant challenge in how to upgrade. Although Microsoft has not yet released all details, it is anticipated that many scenarios will not be fully supported.
“We expect users of Windows 7 will be able to upgrade to the same 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows 8, but most other situations are likely to be difficult,” explained Thomas Koll, Laplink’s CEO. “For Windows XP users, upgrading to Windows 8 will be a nightmare and almost impossible which is still about half of all PCs. Windows Vista users will have limited options and will likely lose all their applications.”

PCmover is the only software available that will support all upgrade scenarios to Windows 8, regardless of the old operating system and regardless of performing an in-place upgrade or migrating to a new PC.
In addition to being the only complete solution for upgrading to Windows 8, the new version of PCmover will have more features than ever before and be even easier to use.
PCmover for Windows 8 will continue the Laplink tradition of “direct connect” functionality for fast and easy transfers using a Laplink Ethernet or Laplink USB cable in addition to fully supporting network connectivity.
"We are the market leader in the migration category and are committed to maintaining that leadership,” continued Koll. “We are making it faster, easier and cheaper to upgrade or set up a new PC, for consumers and enterprises. Laplink has always been a strong supporter of the Windows ecosystem, working to make the adoption and implementation of Windows a better experience."
Laplink forecasts there will be 125 million users of Windows 8 in North America alone within 18 months of its release, which will easily be the largest migration ever to a new operating system.
“In June, we will launch our ‘No PC Left Behind’ program,” added Koll. “We will be releasing an update to PCmover that will include some significant new features with a bonus: Everyone who buys PCmover between now and the release of Windows 8 will get a free copy of PCmover for Windows 8 when it releases.”
Only PCmover automatically moves all settings, files, folders, applications and more to a new PC without leaving anything behind. Pictures, videos, music, tax files, Internet favorites, documents, spreadsheets, games and much more can all be moved automatically. Setting PCmover apart from any other solution is the ability to move applications, a capability no other tool provides.
Other features in PCmover include: 

·         The easy-to-use wizard guides users through the migration process. 
·         It protects files on the new PC and will not overwrite existing files. 
·         Leaves the old PC intact by not deleting any files or applications from the old PC. 
·         Easy "undo" for quickly reversing a migration and restoring the new PC to its original state. 
·         Multiple profile (user) migration to move all profiles in one simple process. 
·         100% money-back guarantee from Laplink.
PCmover is offered in several different versions, matching the right capabilities to the needs of the user. SRP is £29.99 inc

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Auslogics Releases BitReplica, Brand-new Free Data Backup Software

London, UK –June 7th 2012, – Auslogics, one of the leading developers of computer optimization software, has announced the release of BitReplica – a new free tool for backing up data on PC’s. The program combines a simple user-friendly interface with extended configurability and scheduling options.
The software’s most notable features include:
·         Backup any files you like: Save all of your important documents, precious photos, videos and music files to an external drive or a networked PC to make sure you never lose any of them. You can specify file groups or select individual folders to back up;
·         Multiple backup profiles: Create separate backup profiles with different schedules and other settings for different file types. You can make separate archives for work and home files, or base backup rules on how frequently you modify certain files. Each profile can be customized to fit your needs, preferences and schedule;
·         Backup scheduling: For each profile you create, you can set a specific time schedule for creating backups with options for hourly, daily or weekly launching, or set it to manual if you prefer to launch it yourself when it is convenient or needed;
·         Full, incremental, and differential backups: Instead of simply copying files, you can have the program compare files in the source and destination folders and only back up the files that have been modified since the last backup (Incremental mode) or modified since the last full backup (Differential mode). The Full Backup feature allows you to make a backup copy of every single file you specify regardless of whether a backup of that file already exists;
·         File synchronization: Keep your backups and source folders in sync by setting the program to synchronize files when creating a backup. This is especially useful when you need to work on the same files on two different PC`s. Newly created files can be copied to the other drive, while files that have been deleted from one drive can be deleted from the other to keep the two sets in sync;
·         Multi-volume archiving: Storing backups on external devices (such as CD`s or DVD`s) is convenient, but when you have a lot of data to back up, one disk may not be enough to save all of it to. The program is conveniently equipped with a feature that allows dividing backups to be stored on several storage drives;
·         Extended restore options: Sometimes you only need to recover one or several files that are part of a backup. Let`s say you edited half of the photos in a folder, but accidentally deleted the other half. If you had the folder backed up with BitReplica, instead of restoring the whole backup, you can restore only the files you need;
·         Back up from any storage media: BitReplica lets you back up files from practically any storage device, not just your hard drive. Go ahead, connect your camera to your computer and back up all those precious moments you would be devastated to lose! The program supports HDD`s, SSD`s, USB flash drives, networked drives and more as source folders for backing up.
BitReplica makes backing up data an easy task that does not require much effort, which is good news for people with busy schedules and hectic lifestyles. You only need to spend a little time once, when you create backup profiles and set rules for your backups. After that, BitReplica will do the job as scheduled and make sure your data is protected from loss in any PC disaster.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

MAGIX optimizes video editing software for the new Ultrabook™ devices  powered by 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Processors

UK, June 6th 2012, MAGIX AG, One of the leading international providers of software, online services, and digital content, is once again,  is at the forefront with new enhancements to its video editing programs MAGIX Video easy 4 HD and MAGIX Video Pro X4 making them even more powerful than ever. Both programs are now able to harness the full performance of the 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ processors which means video editing and rendering just got a whole lot faster. With Intel® Quick Sync Video, AVCHD exports are now up to three times faster than before! The new versions of MAGIX Movie Edit Pro due out in autumn 2012 will also support this new performance acceleration technology.

These newly enhanced programs from MAGIX appear to be the perfect match for the recently introduced Ultrabook™ category. The ultra sleek, ultra responsive Ultrabook devices is ring in a new era in computing with performance that lives up to the expectations of demanding users. With an amazingly compact, lightweight design, and the ability to run for hours on battery and standby for days, Ultrabook devices help make it possible to do video editing anytime and anywhere without having to compromise on performance. Inspired by Intel, Ultrabook devices  will, in turn, inspire its users. Combine all of this with powerful MAGIX software and the sky is truly the limit!

Sven Kardelke, vice president Product Management Video, MAGIX: "We're very pleased to have the opportunity to show our passion for innovation yet again with the support of new Ultrabook devices, with new 3rd Generation Intel Core processors. With Ultrabook devices, , video will play an even more prominent role in our everyday lives than ever before. Thanks to our specially optimized video editing programs, creative users can get amazing results fast."

Ultrabook devices mark a new era of computing delivering exciting experiences for mobile users,” said Jeffrey Abbate, director of Marketing, Software and Services Group, Intel Corporation. “With applications like MAGIX now available for 3rd Generation Intel Core Processors, users can now enjoy a new level of performance for video creation and consumption on the go.”


proDAD’s Heroglyph V4 Pro Gives Professional & Hobbyist Video Editors New Tools for Adding Creative Titles, sub-titles, credits, trailers, travel route animation, and more to their productions

San Francisco, CA, June 6th, 2012.  proDAD, the highly acclaimed developer of digital video effects and image enhancement technologies today announced availability of it’s much anticipated Heroglyph V4 Pro video title, teaser, trailer animation solution for Windows-based Non-Linear Editing (NLE) applications.  Video titling animation apps are often complicated; requiring use of key-frames and other time-consuming manual processes.  Heroglyph V4 Pro streamlines the titling process by placing the complexity “under the hood” and giving users simple wizards & FastStart templates for common projects, delivering highly creative, broadcast-ready results in a fraction of the previous time.

Heroglyph V4 Pro’s Main Features:

·         500+ Professional-grade FastStart templates & elements perfect for common titling needs in broadcast news, documentary, wedding, sports, major video productions, and much more;
·         Unlimited combinations of effects and animations for all major project types and full resolution, real-time preview of changes and adjustments to a project, no rendering to see changes – a Heroglyph V4 exclusive feature!
·         Fantastic auto-generated handwriting script animation – proDAD developed a font for animating hand script text & symbols by simply typing the desired text and symbols. No more complicated drawing or key-framing;
·         Greatly simplified Travel Rout animation – simply insert a map, click and draw to animate a travel route with many options for timing, effects animation;
·         Wizard-based assistance for creating Travel Route animations, Video Walls, Slideshows, and new auto-animated handwriting script
·         32-bit and 64-bit plug-in support for seamless integration with popular NLEs from Adobe, AVID, Corel, Grass Valley, MAGIX, Pinnacle Studio, and Sony;
·         32/64-bit sand-alone titling app for those who use non-supported NLEs or who just desire a stand-alone app;
·         New streamlined Windows ribbon-style interface gives instant access to key features with minimal learning curve;
·         Optimized for today’s multi-core, multi-thread CPUs;
·         AFFORDABLE!

“Our Heroglyph customers asked us for more simplicity and a straight-forward workflow, in addition to new great features and possibilities to make their creative dreams come true” said Andreas Huber, proDAD’s Managing Director. “Heroglyph V4 Pro is the result; fulfilling those dreams for everyone – for Pros to save time and deliver excellent output quality; and for video enthusiasts to create more professional looking productions– and for all of them – affordability.”

Price & Availability:

Heroglyph V4 Pro is currently available as an electronic download from the proDAD online shop and popular resellers for an MSRP for £199.99 *.  Heroglyph 2.6 & Heroglyph 2.6 Rapid customers can upgrade to Heroglyph V4 Pro for as little as £106.80 *via the proDAD.com web store only.  Physical boxed product is available from Amazon.com.  Learn more at www.prodad.com

Friday, 1 June 2012

The return of softwarepatch.com
Uniblue launches the new IT industry resource: softwarepatch.com; an informational site offering useful, free downloads.

Northampton, UK 1st June, 2012 - The online bible for all matters software-related, softwarepatch.com has just been re-launched – now offering a host of new and improved features. Using specialist feedback and the latest developments in technology, the site has been redesigned to better serve and reflect the needs of its users.
Having moved towards a more dynamic design and improved usability, softwarepatch.com is the secure, free and comprehensive resource for software patches and updates.  The site offers a one stop library to help users – from novice to professional - solve all their PC needs and consequently optimise their operating system. User security is a primary concern; therefore the site advocates transparency and safety by only linking to manufacturers’ websites, offering improved download security ensuring peace of mind.
New features of the site include a fresh design, easier navigation with a smarter interface and updated content – all of which aims to serve a wider variety of users’ needs. Sharing and social functionality has also been added to facilitate the ever-growing value of social media. Users are now able to search for the solution they need via a custom Google search bar which gives faster and more comprehensive results too.
In conclusion, the site also offers a wide-ranging selection of free software downloads, covering all essential user needs from PC maintenance, browsers and media players to securing data, preventing performance obstacles  and much more.
For further information or to arrange an interview, please contact:
UK Press Contact:
Kathryn Lamb
KL Associates
01327 844880