Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Edifier® and Computers Unlimited Announce Strategic UK Partnership

London, UK 31st August 2011, Edifier® International, prominent designer and manufacturer of high-end consumer audio electronics for both the lifestyle and multimedia markets, have announced a partnership agreement with Computers Unlimited, Europe’s leading distributor for everything Apple.

Under the terms of the agreement CU have been appointed to consolidate and increase sales for key Edifier® lines. These will include the Luna5 Encore, Prisma, On the Go, Aurora, Tick Tock and the Sound to Go.
Edifier® International specializes in the design and manufacturing of high-end consumer audio electronics for both the lifestyle and multimedia markets, providing a wide selection to suit each individuals taste. Edifier® International is renowned for its development and use of acoustic technology, superior manufacturing standards and uncompromised quality in design and production of audio electronics. Edifier® is committed to excellence in all audio markets in which it operates, which include PC audio, multimedia audio, docking audio, IT lifestyle audio and home lifestyle audio. Edifier® is committed to excel and extend the audio experience into further evolving both the global brand and product recognition, with a passion for sound.

Edifier® continues to expand it operations and presence, moving towards the goal of becoming a world class, internationally recognized company specializing in quality audio solutions for the ever evolving consumer electronics industry.

“We are thrilled to be working with Computers Unlimited.” Commented Anthony Wilkinson, Managing Director at Edifier® International. “The company have an extensive channel of over 3,000 value added resellers, mail order partners and high street UK retailers, both large and small, including top resellers like Amazon and Apple Store. Edifier® continues to expand it operations and presence, moving towards the goal of becoming a world class, internationally recognized company specializing in quality audio solutions for the ever evolving consumer electronics industry. I am confident that this alliance will assist both companies in achieving their respective corporate objectives.”

“Computers Unlimited are excited to be working with Edifier in the UK.  We feel their audio solutions will offer something extra to our customer set and hopefully will allow the brand to become strongly recognised within the UK consumer electronics market. “stated Danielle Barker, Product Manager, Computers Unlimited.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

NCH Software Launches Business Essentials Suite in the UK

Software solutions for every business need for Mac & Windows users’
Southampton, UK, 26th August 2011; NCH Software, leading provider of audio, video, business, telephony and other software utilities worldwide has announced the UK launch of Business Essentials Suite.

With Business Essentials Suite you can easily integrate and expand software solutions to help your business mature. You can track cash flow, account balances, invoices and customer accounts and efficiently manage all inventory processes. This business suite includes indispensable utilities to help businesses save time and money. Simplify everyday tasks and keep all aspects of your business running smoothly. Unlike other competitor products, NCH Business Essentials Suite allows Web access for remote management and Supports multiple users and businesses

Business Essentials Suite Includes:

·         Express Accounts Accounting Software – Manage and report your business income and expenditures
·         Express Invoice Invoicing Software – Crete professional looking invoice, quotes and sales orders
·         Inventoria Inventory Management – Efficiently manage all inventory processes across your business
·         Copper Point of Sale Software – Streamline the retail checkout process for employees and customers
·         Reflect Customer Relationship Management – Track customer information, interactions, tasks and events
·         HourGuard Time Sheet Software – Log the time spent on individual projects or with our customers
·         Doxillon Document File Converter – Convert documents between common file formats
·         Express Burn Disc Burner – Burn audio, video and data to CD, DVD or Blu-Ray

Additional Windows Extras:

·         Express Zip File Compression Software – Create, manage and extract archived files and folders
·         Bolt PDF PDF Printer Driver – Works like a printer to create PDF files from within any application

Systems Requirements:
  • Windows 7/Vista/XP
  • Mac OSX 10.2 or higher

Business Essentials Suite is available from PC World for MSRP £69.99 inc

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Honestech Claymation Studio 3.0 Deluxe wins a Best Buy Award!

IT Reviews have reviewed Honestech's Claymation Studio 3.0 Deluxe and they liked it so much that they gave it a Best Buy Award! To check out the full review, follow the link below:

“Excellent, easy to use introduction to the art of stop-motion movie making, which includes the relevant software and a handy, flexible USB camera as well as support for external services like YouTube and Facebook. Note: patience of a saint is not included in the price. 5/5 and Best Buy Award”

Monday, 22 August 2011

New Competition!

We have teamed up with WebUser to offer you the chance to WIN one of two 15" STM Turtles!
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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Lastolite Announce New Brolly Grip

August 18th 2011, Lastolite Limited, the world's leading manufacturer of backgrounds and lighting control systems for the photo, video and cinema industry, has announced the launch of the new Brolly Grip.

The new Brolly Grip is the ultimate light modifier for the photographer who needs to be mobile. The Brolly Grip is a unique, hand held bracket which supports the flashgun in a horizontal position along the shaft of an umbrella. Also available to buy in a kit, in which a 20" translucent umbrella is included to create a compact, quick to assemble 'shoot through' solution for photographers.

Main Features and Benefits:
  1. Ultra compact
  2. Flashgun close to umbrella shaft
  3. Hand held or used on a stand
Pricing and Availability:

The Brolly Grip Handle and the Brolly Grip Kit with Translucent Umbrella are available now at SRP £20 and £30 inc respectively.

For stockist information, please see:
Telephone: 01530 832570

New Competitions! WIN a 17" Henge Dock for MacBook Pro or an STM iPad Org Board!

We have teamed up with WebUser again today to offer you the chance to win a 17" Henge Dock for MacBook Pro worth £65.55!

Henge Docks has created the first truly comprehensive docking station solution for Apple’s line of notebook computers. Quickly connect and disconnect all peripherals. Easily eliminate desktop cable clutter. Elegantly integrate MacBook and home theater system.

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The STM iPad Org Board is a great way to protect your iPad and organise your iPad accessories. The slim profile bundles your iPad and accessories in one with the protective neoprene for your iPad on the front and the organiser panel on the back.

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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

WIN! An STM Revolution with WebUser!

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Monday, 15 August 2011


Laplink® Joins Microsoft® System Centre Alliance Programme

Laplink® Adds Windows® 7 Migration Policy Management and Application Migration Support to System Centre.
Laplink Software, Inc. today announced that it has joined the Microsoft System Centre Alliance program by adding Windows 7 migration policy management and application migration support to System Centre Configuration Manager 2007 with PCmover Enterprise™.

When deployed within Microsoft System Centre Configuration Manager 2007, PCmover Enterprise executes Windows migrations from a central management console, linking automated deployment procedures with an automated migration process that includes installed applications. PCmover includes the capability to automatically transfer user accounts, installed applications, application settings, data and other “PC personality” components, offering a complete migration experience to corporations.

“System Centre Configuration Manager support of PCmover will further strengthen Laplink as a world leader in PC migration solutions,” said Laplink CEO Thomas Koll. “We are excited to deliver this joint offering for our customers, enabling them to save more money and time in their Windows 7 migration and deployments.”

Microsoft System Centre is an easy-to-use solution for IT professionals and enterprise service teams to efficiently deploy, manage and maintain desktops, servers and other devices across an entire company’s Microsoft ecosystem.

“Adding Laplink and its PCmover product offering to the System Centre Alliance program is a big boost for customers as they will be able to further take advantage of System Centre Configuration Manager,” said Sergio Klarreich, Director of Business Development, System Centre Partner Ecosystem at Microsoft Corporation. “Laplink has a long history in the industry, especially in file transfer software, and we value their expertise in this space.”

PCmover Enterprise has already assisted a number of organizations with their Windows 7 migrations using the System Centre Configuration Manager. Initial migration project sizes have ranged from 100 to 5,000 PCs with total deployment opportunities of 5,000 to 40,000 PCs, showcasing the large scale impact PCmover can have on companies using the System Centre Configuration Manager.

“We saved countless hours in manually moving programs and user profiles. I couldn’t put a price on the time saved, no comparison by using Laplink vs. the old method,” said Headwaters, Inc. CIO Josh Crosby. “We finally built a process that when the user received their new computer/laptop, they would plug in the USB and give us a call. The whole process was completed without us even seeing the machine and it worked wonderfully. We appreciated the cost savings as well because there was little to no downtime for employees.”

System Centre Configuration Manager customers can benefit from inclusion of PCmover with improved migration efficiencies to save businesses 40%-80% in migration related costs, including less downtime and decreased helpdesk requests from its support of a broader set of migration requirements. Administrators will be able to use the PCmover Policy Module to easily support migration procedures in both managed and unmanaged PC environments, and can incur significant savings, including custom programming required to write XML-based migration scripts.
System Integrators can also benefit from support of a broader set of migration requirements, including the auto-migration of installed applications, settings, data and user accounts. This will help increase margins on Windows 7 deployment projects by exceeding SLA requirements for downtime and will decrease migration procedure design and implementation from months and weeks to a matter of days.

Laplink also recently announced a program that for less than $1 per desktop allows companies to use PCmover for in-place upgrades from XP to Windows 7, functionality that is unique to PCmover.

“Laplink solves the in-place upgrade problem,” explained Koll. “No other software does this. It’s fast, easy and affordable.”

Those interested in partnering with Laplink to implement migration projects using the System Centre Configuration Manager should contact Laplink’s Corporate Sales team at:
More information about PCmover and its unique capabilities is available at


Lastolite Announce New Strobo Beauty Box

August 15th 2011, Lastolite Limited, the world's leading manufacturer of backgrounds and lighting control systems for the phot, video and cinema industry, has announced the launch of the new Strobo Beauty Box.

The Strobo Beauty Box is a 38cm (15") beauty box and softbox combination designed for off camera flash. The white interior combined with the suspended inner baffle and outer mask give off a hard beauty light with a unqieu fall off. This is in contrast to the soft light that is created when the mask is replaced by the outer diffuser, giving two distinctive lighting techniques in one versatile product.

This collapsible and fully portable Beauty Box is quick to set up and take down and is perfect for studio and location photography, incorporating the versatile Ezybox Hotshore Bracker MKII.

Main Features and Benefits:
  1. Collapsible and fully portable
  2. Two distinctive lighting techniques in one versatile product
Pricing and Availability:

The Strobo Beauty Box is available now at SRP £100.00 inc

For stockist information, please see:
Telephone@ 01530 832570

Friday, 5 August 2011

Ricoh announces GXR MOUNT A12

A GXR lens mount unit featuring an APS-C size CMOS sensor

Tokyo, Japan, August 5, 2011—Ricoh Co., Ltd. (president and CEO: Shiro Kondo) today announced the development and planned September 9, 2011 release of the new product GXR MOUNT A12, a lens mount unit exclusively for the GXR interchangeable unit camera system. The body colour will be black only, and the planned monthly production volume is 3,000 units.

Introduced in December 2009, the GXR is a revolutionary interchangeable unit camera system in which lenses can be changed by mounting camera units that integrate lens, image sensor, and image processing engine into a single unit. In addition, utilizing its unique ability to accommodate interchangeable units other than camera units, the system can be expanded to include a variety of other devices.

The new GXR MOUNT A12 is a lens mount unit made especially for the GXR. Featuring an APS-C size CMOS sensor and a newly developed focal plane shutter, this unit makes it possible to mount lenses such as Leica M lenses, and it provides various types of compensation and correction functions.

Main features of GXR MOUNT A12

1. The newly adopted APS-C size CMOS sensor expands possibilities for high resolution and imaging power.
The adoption of a CMOS sensor with an optimized micro lens layout makes it possible to secure sufficient brightness levels even in the peripheral areas of the image.
The CMOS sensor used is 23.6mm × 15.7mm (APS-C size). It enables the shooting of high-quality images with smooth tone gradations as well as high definition and low noise.

2.Compatibility with a wide variety of lenses, including Leica M mount lenses.
Compatible with the Leica M mount, GXR MOUNT A12 can, of course, handle M-mount lenses, and if a conversion adapter is used many more types of mounts can also be accommodated.
A checking device is included for use in confirming whether or not your lenses are physically compatible.

3.Diverse new functions maximize the potential of the lens itself
In order to accommodate the photographer’s own preferences by adjusting for the distinctive characteristics of many different lenses, GXR MOUNT A12 can independently correct colouring at the corners. Colour shading correction is possible in a -4 to +4 range for both R and B.
Peripheral illumination correction is possible in a -3 to +3 range.
A distortion correction function is provided to correct for the distortion that tends to occur in the lens periphery. The photographer can select barrel and pincushion distortion and specify “strong,” “medium,” or “weak” for each.
A glass optical filter was adopted and made as thin as possible. It increases periphery image quality and suppresses field curvature.

4.High-precision focusing
A focus-assist function has been included in an effort to raise the accuracy of manual focusing. The photographer can select from two modes and check the focus by strengthening outlines and contrast.
Magnifying the screen image while shooting is an effective technique for focusing. The magnification can be done not only in the center but throughout the image. In addition, the image quality for 4x and 8x magnification has been further enhanced. The area to be magnified can be moved using the directional pad.

5.Two shutter methods are featured: newly developed focal plane shutter and electronic shutter
  ・With the focal plane shutter, settings of 1/4000 sec. to 180 sec. are possible.
    With the electronic shutter, settings of 1/8000 sec. to 1 sec. are possible, and the  photographer can shoot without worrying about shutter noise and vibration.

6.The wide range of functionality that characterizes the GXR series
My Settings enables a wide range of shooting functions to be specified in an instant. For the setting information storage, six patterns can now be stored in the body’s My Settings Box and six patterns can be stored in the SD card. This, along with the ability to change shooting conditions, further expands the photographer’s world of photo expression.
In manual exposure mode, the shutter speeds B (bulb) and T (time) can be selected. With B, the exposure continues while the shutter release button is pressed, and with T, the shutter release button is pressed to start and end the exposure. For both B and T, the exposure is automatically ended when 180 seconds have elapsed.
Information on the lens used can be put in the EXIF information. In the editing of My Settings information, lens name, focal length, and F value can be entered.
New scene mode options have been added for the easy enjoyment of a wide range of photo expression. The five new options are soft focus, cross process, toy camera, miniaturize, and high contrast B&W. The photographer can create a unique image by just pressing the shutter release button.
An electronic level utilizing an acceleration sensor.
An image flag function to enable the quick display of specific images from among those in the camera. Up to 20 images can be flagged.
For the exterior, we utilized die cast magnesium, which has a strong track record in the GR series, and we covered the surface with a corrosion-resistant "pear-skin" coating. The end result is a body with durability, light weight, and a superior feel in hand.
It is possible to shoot 1280 × 720 pixel HD movies.
* Note: When shooting movies of 1280×720 size, the use of an SD/SDHC memory card with an SD speed class of Class 6 or higher is recommended.

7.New options added
  We have created the new soft cases SC-75B and SC-75T, which are easy to open and close. With SC-75B, it is possible to shoot with the case attached to the GXR body.

GR MOUNT A12 options

Product                                                            Model
Soft Case B lower portion and strap            SC-75B
Soft Case T upper portion only                    SC-75T

*All of the focal lengths in this release are converted to the equivalent values for a 35 mm film camera.
*SC-75T cannot be used as a case by itself. It must be used together with SC-75B.
*SC-75B and SC-75T are new options being introduced at this time.
*Functions when the GXR body is attached.