Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Reallusion empowers Photoshop Users with 3D Production Tools.

iClone4 provides fast and affordable ways to create 3D Stereo prints while saving on stock image purchases. 

NORTHAMPTON, UK, November 23rd, 2010  - Reallusion, Inc., an award-winning developer of video creation software for real-time 3D animation, pushes its software boundaries further by introducing a new way for Photoshop Users to create 3D Stereo prints from existing Photoshop projects, and also save on stock image purchases with the use of  iClone4.

iClone4 is an affordable, real-time 3D animation tool, with stereoscopic output capabilities, that allows any Photoshop project to be turned into eye-catching 3D Stereo printouts. With this new and powerful addition to its arsenal of high-quality image production, the Photoshop Community can now import image layers, into iClone4, to create 3D Stereo prints in a matter of minutes.

iClone4’s native 3D environment is ideal for arranging and layering images in X,Y and Z-axis which allows artists to have full control over any 3D effects by simply dragging layers around in real 3D space. iClone4 also delivers a fast and easy way of exporting an entire scene in stereoscopic 3D with just one click.

Additionally, there is no need to search through thousands of expensive stock image libraries to find that one unique image as Reallusion has released a series of exclusive content packs titled ‘Mr. Pose & Friends’ which literally allow Photoshop Users to customize and animate 3D figurines to any pose or camera perspective they need. These new content packs come with posable figurines, accessory kits and even ready-made animations that can be activated by anyone.

Graphic Artists can also display 2D images on 3D objects by simply importing images and dropping them onto any texture surface with material channels, bump channels, specular channels and more to create ultra-real scenes with easy-to-activate high dynamic range visuals.

iClone4 gives Photoshop artists a new way of adding 3D content to their artwork. Accessory packs such as Mr. Pose & Friends make it quick and easy for artists to enhance their artwork with 3D models.” – said Denny Tang, the founder of, who this month launched an exclusive iClone and Photoshop tutorial on his website.

Reallusion has also created a specially designed landing page for Photoshop Users to visit, and learn all about the benefits and tools with several step-by-step tutorials made exclusively for graphic artists. To see more, just visit:

The page introduces 3 great new pipeline tutorials for Photoshop Users to:

  • Create Advertisements with 3D Posable figurines
  • Turn Photoshop projects into Stereoscopic 3D printouts
  • Export OBJ models into Photoshop for 3D paint editing and more
Pricing and Availability
3D Pose-able Figure - Best 3D Creativity Solutions
iClone 4 Standard + iClone Combo Pack: Mr. Pose & Friends
List Price : USD149.90
Special Price: USD104.93 (30%OFF)

About Reallusion, Inc.
Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Reallusion is a leading-edge software developer providing Hollywood-like 3D cinematic animation tools for PC and mobile platforms.  Reallusion’s pioneering storytelling technology excelling at character animation, facial morphing and voice lip-sync allows fast creation of interactive avatars for 3D real-time filmmaking and previsualization for professional post-production.  Their powerful yet easy-to-use tools make character animation accessible to PC users of all skill levels. 
Reallusion’s development of core technologies and growing base of intellectual property firmly establish the company as power among emerging technology innovators, furthering their graphic and imaging embedded kernels to top-brand device manufacturers worldwide.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010




Swann’s spy gadget range: Little brother is watching you!

Check out Swann Security's gadget range by following the link below!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

STM Bags release Revolution backpack

Re-define the Ease of Carrying Your Laptop and iPad with the STM Revolution!

London, UK 18th November 2010, leading Australian bag manufacturer, STM Bags has announced the release of the revolution for laptops.

“The revolution pack is the result of more than 5 years of tinkering,” says STM’s co-founder Adina Jacobs. “We believe the pack has the ultimate set of features that our customers demand and a couple they didn’t know they needed.”
The new revolution laptop backpack is designed to easily carry your digital devices and all their accompanying gear. Made of a lightweight, durable, water resistant nylon, you can be sure that your laptop and accessories are protected whatever the weather.

The main compartment provides plenty of space for your books and folders, whilst the concealed and suspended foam cell protects your laptop on all sides. The integrated iPad sleeve is lined with a unique, fingerprint-removing brushed nylex lining to securely hold your device. Ergonomic shoulder straps and a high-density foam back panel provide comfort when carrying the bag, and in case of an unexpected downpour, there is tuck-away rain cover.

Available in two colours, burnt orange and carbon, revolution comes in two sizes to fit most 13” and 15” laptops.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Concealed, plush lined laptop section.
  • Integrated iPad pocket.
  • Organisation panel for cables, pens etc.
  • Main compartment for books, paperwork etc.
  • Adjustable suspension system for a comfortable fit.
  • Sternum strap and tuck-away waist straps.
  • Front zippered pocket for quick access.
  • Two versatile side pockets.
  • Tuck-away rain cover.
  • Integrated phone pouch on shoulder strap for easy access.
Price & Availability:

The revolution range is available now at the following prices:

Small: £79.95
Medium: £89.95

For stockist information please go to:

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

NEW MAGIX Rescue Your Data

The Easy Backup Solution for your Photos, Videos and Music!

UK, November 15th 2010, MAGIX AG, One of the leading international providers of software, online services, and digital content, has announced the release of Rescue Your Data.

MAGIX Rescue Your Data is the first, easy to use backup application for Windows® XP, Vista® and Windows® 7 which is tailored specifically to the needs of notebook users.
Notebook computers are used to store personal information and important documents. However, computer viruses, hard drive failure and accidents pose a constant threat to irreplaceable documents such as emails, photos or music. With MAGIX Rescue Your Data you can automatically create a full backup of your system files and applications to an external hard drive or a DVD.

Rescue Your Data offers a simple and reliable solution for data backup. Simply connect the external hard drive, select what you want to back up to where, and the program will automatically take care of the rest. With 500MB of Magix online storage included and a search screen that allows you to search for individual files and instantly restore them, Rescue Your Data provides everything you need to be sure your important and personal information is protected.


  • Specifically designed for notebook users
  • Automatic backup - backs up all type of data
  • Easy, fast data recovery
  • Online storage of 500MB included
  • Create custom backups with the Manual backup options
  • MAGIX Data Shredder – completely wipes confidential data on request
Price & Availability:

MAGIX Rescue Your Data is available now for SRP £39.99 inc VAT from Amazon and PC World.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Longer Nights, Darker Days - Avoid Being a Victim of Winter Burglary with the Latest Range of Home Security Products from Swann

Swann Security, the global leader in “Plug & Play” security monitoring solutions, offers a range of security devices to protect your loved ones and property during the long winter nights.

Recent newspaper reports state that insurers insurance claims are up by as much as 50% or more as vandals take advantage of longer hours of darkness as a result of the clocks going back an hour from British Summer Time. It is generally acknowledged that the fear of crime is higher in the dark winter months. People feel more vunerable during darker evenings. Swann security devices are inexpensive and can deter undesirables. Homes with a security device installed are 8 times less likely to be broken in to than those without showing how effective deterrent security devices are. Swann security products are easy to install and offer complete peace of mind.

Included in the range are:

DVR4-2000 Security Recording Kit. Download free “app” for live streaming on iPhone
This Security Recording Kit provides you with everything you need to monitor, record and capture video footage for your home or business. With the ability to ‘set and forget’ the kit to record up to 30 days with 4 cameras simultaneously, you will never miss any suspicious activity. The kit includes two PNP-150 video cameras that can capture footage day and night from up to 30ft away. Each camera is weather resistant with anti-corrosive casing, and with the H.264 state-of-the-art recording technology, you can be sure of a high image quality for a fraction on the file size. The DVR4-2000 easily connects to your TV for viewing on the AV channel, and comes equipped with remote viewing software to view footage over the internet. You can even download a free ‘app’ for live streaming on your iPhone or Smartphone. Easily install two more cameras from the Swann Security range for even more coverage.
The DVR4-2000 is available at SRP £399.99 inc from selected PC World, Currys & Makro

ADW-400 Digital Guardian Camera & Recorder!
The ADW-400 Digital Guardian Camera and Recorder introduces unprecedented affordability for people who require a solution that not only allows them to see what’s going on but also record footage.

One of the biggest inhibitors to effective wireless camera performance in past years has been interference from nearby Bluetooth devices, Web routers, microwave ovens and cordless phones. Swann’s latest Advanced Digital Wireless cameras are truly Wi-Fi friendly with an encrypted point-to-point signal providing a 100 per cent secure signal that cannot be intercepted.
By combining this high quality wireless camera with a neat, compact SD card receiver and recording system, Swann have created a fantastic do-it-yourself solution that provides genuine protection for homes and businesses. It is well worth the upgrade from traditional analogue technology for the peace of mind of your family or business. Swann’s ADW-400 weather resistant, colour camera features day/night functionality and a transmission distance between the camera and receiver of up to 50 metres. It also features a built-in microphone so you can also hear what’s going on. Additional cameras for this are available for £99.99
The ADW-400 is available at SRP £199.99 inc from Amazon and Currys & PC World & Argos (Jan 11) & Makro

With a secure, wireless transmission up to 50m, and up to 8m night vision, you can be sure not to miss a thing with the ADW-200. The robust, weather resistant metal casing ensures that recording quality does not deteriorate in bad weather, and the built in microphone means that you will always hear, as well as see, what is going on. Set up is easy - simply install the camera in the area you want monitored, plug the receiver in your TV, and once set to the same channel, the camera and the receiver will pair up.

The ADW-200 is a cost effective way camera and receiver for easy viewing on any TV. In addition to the ADW-200 Wireless Camera, the pack also includes a digital receiver, RCA cable, two power adapters, mounting screws and plugs, theft deterrent stickers, and the instructions you need for easy set up and installation. Additional cameras for this are available for £69.99
The new ADW-200 will be available from Argos in January 2011 at SRP £119.99 inc

Friday, 12 November 2010

MAGIX and Paragon Win Software of the Year!

Deutsche Telekom’s software download portal, has announced the winners of its inaugural UK awards - “Software of the Year 2010”. Nearly 30,000 UK software fans voted online for their favourite PC software and mobile apps during October and November 2010.
Both Magix and Paragon won in their respective categories:

Category: Audio
2nd Place - Magix Audio Cleaning Lab deluxe
3rd Place - Magix Music Maker

Category: System
1st - Paragon Partition Manager Professional

Category: Video
1st Magix Movie Edit Pro

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

NEW MAGIX Music Maker 17 Making Music is as Easy as Listening to it!

MAGIX Music Maker offers an easy start and the option to dive deeper into the world of music production.

UK, November 9th 2010, MAGIX AG, One of the leading international providers of software, online services, and digital content, has announced the release of Music Maker 17.
MAGIX Music Maker 17 offers the simplest start into the world of making music and lets you dive deeper into the music production process if desired. With Music Maker 17, anyone can produce their own songs in impressive quality with no previous knowledge of music required.

The improved program interface and integrated MIDI editor makes it even easier to compose your own song. The YouTube templates included mean that you can create impressive presentations of your songs, whilst the SoundCloud upload function enables you to share your own songs via Facebook®, MySpace™, Twitter and more.


·        NEW MAGIX Vita Solo instruments: New expressive instruments
·        NEW design: An improved program interface for an even better overview
·        NEW SoundCloud upload: Upload and share your own songs via social networking sites such as Facebook® and MySpace
·        NEW YouTube® templates: Create impressive presentations of your own songs
·        NEW Integrated MIDI editor: Makes composing even easier!
·        NEW Mouse gestures: Support of mouse gestures for an improved workflow
·        Improved FX rack: Optimized effects view

Price & Availability:

MAGIX Music Maker 17 is available now for SRP £49.99 inc VAT from Amazon and PC World.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Paragon Software Solves the Common Technological Problem of Windows XP Users by Adding Full Support of ALL TYPES of 3TB+ Drives in Windows XP Systems

Windows XP – currently utilized on 51% of computers worldwide -- leaves 3TB+ disk space inaccessible. With Paragon GPT Loader you can utilize the ENTIRE hard drive!
London UK, November 4th, 2010Paragon Software Group (PSG), the technology leader in innovative data security and data management solutions, today announced the release of a new migration technology – Paragon GPT Loader for Windows XP. The new technology helps Windows XP users gain full access to all 3TB+ modern hard disk drives as secondary drives in the system and, consequently, increases PC hard disk drive capacity.
Hardware manufacturers are producing disk drives with geometric increases in disk capacity compared to a few years ago, broadening their appeal and functionality for a wide spectrum of end users. The new 3TB and larger drives – ideal for storing sizeable files such as HD-video, archived images and music in lossless compression format – can be used as external storage devices alongside desktops and laptops, or inserted inside workstations and home computers. As opposed to modern Vista and Windows 7, older Windows XP (currently utilized on 51% of computers worldwide), do not support hard disk drives larger than 2TB, recognizing only 2^32 sectors of the disk, or 2TB (2048GB) of data.
Previously, Windows users who wanted a new 3TB+ drive had two options: The first, simply plugging the drive into the computer and using the 3TB+ drive as a 2TB drive, meant paying for storage that could not be utilized. The second, upgrading a well-tuned and familiar OS to Windows 7 in order to make GPT partitions on the new 3TB+ drive, meant risking a hardware upgrade, if the computer did not have the performance level for the new OS. Paragon Software Group, however, has developed a cost- and resource-effective third option: the use of a specially designed driver, Paragon GPT Loader, which adds the functionality to support the GPT partitioning scheme to grant full, native access to large hard disk drives under Windows XP. For more information about the product, please visit:
Availability & System Requirements:

Paragon GPT Loader supports Windows XP computers and is available for immediate download, free of charge: As part of the Early Adopter Program, interested parties are invited to run pre-production software to help validate features of the new technology.

White paper:

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Auslogics Software Partners with AVG Technologies
Sydney, Australia –November 2nd– Auslogics Software and AVG Technologies have partnered for AVG to release a computer speed-up and tune-up solution. AVG applied powerful Auslogics’ technology to expand their product range and provide the best system tune-up and cleanup software to their customers. Now all the benefits of award-winning computer optimization will be available to AVG users.
It has long been recognized that Windows performance decreases with use and computers become slow and unstable over time. There is a number of factors that contribute to computer slow-downs. Junk files and bloated software take up valuable disk space, disk fragmentation reduces file access speed, registry errors and poorly configured Windows settings waste system resources and affect system stability. In addition to that, easily recoverable files and history can compromise users’ privacy and result in identity theft. These problems can be eliminated with the help of comprehensive PC tune-up and privacy protection software that will clean up, defragment, and optimize Windows-based computers.
Auslogics is a well-known and trusted expert in computer cleanup, tune-up, maintenance, and privacy protection. Unlike some of the competitors, Auslogics focuses on genuine and safe optimization and maintenance techniques that yield unmatched results. Moreover, Auslogics’ wiping and shredding algorithms provide military-level security for home users.
The effectiveness of advanced features developed by Auslogics, including disk cleanup, hard drive optimization, free space consolidation and system files smart placement, has been proven by tests:
In addition to the tests, Auslogics’ software has been reviewed by reputable computer experts and received top rating:        
Recognizing the customers’ need for effective, yet easy to use tune-up software, AVG leveraged innovative Auslogics’ technologies to provide the users with the best PC cleanup, optimization and privacy protection solution.
About Auslogics:
Started in 2008, Auslogics Software Pty Ltd has one single mission - to improve the speed and stability of Microsoft Windows on personal computers, lengthen their lifetime, and eliminate the need for constant hardware upgrades. The company’s flagship product, Auslogics BoostSpeed, has gained a steady market share by combining numerous system optimization, maintenance, cleanup and repair tools with an intuitive easy to use interface.
Auslogics is a well recognized and respected brand, with its products used by over 5,000,000 people worldwide.