Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Edifier launches Soundbar USB

Fully portable all-in-one USB micro speaker system

Edifier®, a supplier of visionary speaker systems supporting state-of-the-art design and extraordinary sound quality, continues to consolidate its position as a leader in the manufacture of high quality, multimedia speaker systems with its latest lifestyle product launch.

The Edifier Soundbar USB is an elegant all-in-one micro speaker system, perfect for laptop and netbook users. With an elaborately designed bass reflection port and housed in an elegant brushed aluminium tube, the Soundbar USB provides an exceptional audio performance. The Soundbar USB simply plugs in via USB to your computer system or laptop, and has full USB audio streaming capabilities. Compact and robust with a soft carry case to protect the system during transit and with a sleek, slim design, the Soundbar USB is fully portable – perfect for personal or business use!


• Dynamic USB powered and USB audio streamed micro speaker-system.
• Full range 30mm x 70mm magnetically shielded speaker drivers with bass reflection port.
• Side mounted soft-touch on/off and volume control.
• AUX input enables connection of other digital audio capable devices (the Soundbar must be plugged into USB port for power).
• Soft carry pouch for protection during transit.
• Total Power Output: RMS 2 x 1W (THD=10%)
• Signal to noise ratio: 80dBA
• Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.5%
• Input Sensitivity: 500 +- 50mV (THD + N = 1%)
• Speaker Dimensions (W x H x D): 261mm x 36mm x 44mm

Price and Availability:

The Soundbar USB is available at SRP £49.99 inc and is available online from Amazon.co.uk. and Micro Direct.

About Edifier:

Established in Beijing in May 1996, the Edifier Group quickly expanded overseas, and in 1998 developed into a transnational group company. The Company’s head offices are in Vancouver, Canada, being mainly responsible for group strategy sales, product planning, and product R&D.

Edifier operates two production bases in China, in Beijing and Shenzhen, with full product R&D, plastic injection, machining, painting, silk-screen printing, and assembly. The R&D team is composed of dedicated acoustical engineers from Beijing, and North America. The Group had more than 2,500 employees worldwide, and manufacturing facilities covering an area of 100,000 square metres.

Media Contact:
Kathryn Lamb
KL Associates
Email: Kathryn@klassociates.com

Tel: 01327 844880

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Ricoh Introduces the CX4,
a Compact Digital Camera with 10.7× Optical Zoom (28–300 mm)
Enhanced Blur Reduction Is Another Step Towards Blur-free Low-light Photography

August 19, 2010—TOKYO, Japan—Ricoh Co., Ltd. (helmed by president and CEO Shiro Kondo) today announced the release of the new CX4 compact digital camera. This new design offers high-power (10.7×), wide-angle 28–300 mm optical zoom and improved image-sensor-shift image stabilization in a workmanlike yet stylish package.
The new CX4’s evolved image-sensor-shift image stabilization reduces blur on average by the equivalent of about 3.7 EV—3.7 shutter-speed stops—for improved performance under dim indoor lighting and at high zoom ratios.

The camera also offers a new “subject-tracking AF” autofocus system that automatically tracks your subject, ensuring that photographs are in focus and correctly exposed whenever you choose to release the shutter. You’ll find this feature indispensable for moving subjects and close-ups.

In addition, Ricoh has further developed features designed to enhance the photographic experience, including a “night landscape multi-shot mode” that combines four exposures into a single photograph for reduced image noise, and a “creative shooting mode” that brings out the artist in everyone with soft focus, cross process, and toy camera effects. With portability enhanced by a newly-designed body featuring molded curves that make it easier to slip the camera into your pocket, the CX4 compact digital camera represents another advance in Ricoh’s philosophy of designing “A tool you will want to use every day.”

1. High sensitivity, low noise photography using improved blur reduction and high-performance noise reduction for clear, high-quality results at high zoom ratios and under low light • The CX4 offers completely reworked image-sensor-shift image stabilization, which reduces blur caused by camera movement—a phenomenon that is particularly likely to occur in close ups, at high zoom ratios, and in other similar situations. The effect is equivalent to increasing shutter speed by an average of about 3.7 stops.
• The camera’s noise reduction algorithm processes the image signal as it is output from the CMOS image sensor, reducing noise without affecting resolution, tone, or color. Setting noise reduction to “MAX” enables variance-estimation noise reduction that analyzes the distribution of noise in the data captured by the image sensor and optimizes processing for individual areas of the image.
• The back-illuminated, 10-megapixel CMOS image sensor offers improved low-light performance.

2. A portable, easy-to-use design featuring 10.7× optical zoom (28–300 mm) • Ricoh’s unique retracting lens system allows a wide-angle, high-power (10.7×) zoom lens to be incorporated into a compact camera body only 29.4 mm thick.
• With picture angles that range from 28 mm (wide angle) to 300 mm (telephoto), this high-power zoom lens is adapted to almost any situation. Choose wide angles for landscapes or cramped interiors that limit the distance between camera and subject, or zoom in for compelling telephoto shots.

3. An autofocus system that automatically tracks the subject (subject-tracking AF) • Subject-tracking AF automatically tracks the subject selected when the shutter-release button is pressed halfway, ensuring that photographs are in focus and correctly exposed whenever you choose to release the shutter. This feature is ideal for shots of active children and pets, as well as for photographs of flowers and other subjects that demand careful composition.

4. A “creative shooting mode” that offers a choice of six artistic effects
• Choose “soft focus mode” for an effect similar to that produced by soft-focus lenses. The strength of the effect can be selected from “weak” and “strong.”
• Select “cross-process mode” for colors that differ markedly from those in normal photographs. Choose a color scheme from “basic,” “magenta,” and “yellow.”
• “Toy camera mode” replicates the sharp contrast and saturated colours associated with toy cameras, together with their characteristic distortion and vignetting.
• The CX4 also offers the “dynamic range double shot,” “miniaturize,” and “high-contrast B&W” modes made popular by the CX3.

5. High-quality results over a wide tone range • An output pixel interpolation algorithm with dedicated Smooth Imaging Engine IV logic circuits reduces loss of detail in highlights to faithfully recreate beautiful high-contrast scenes exactly as they appear to the naked eye.
• Multi-pattern auto white balance produces colors close to those seen by the human eye in portraits shot in a mixture of sunlight and shade or with both the flash and natural light. High-contrast scenes like these often prove challenging for other, less advanced white-balance algorithms.

6. Eleven scene modes that make it easy to adjust settings to suit your subject • The CX4 features a new “night landscape multi-shot” mode that creates clear, beautiful photos of night scenes by automatically and precisely combining a series of exposures shot at high sensitivities to reduce the blur and noise normally associated with pictures taken under low light, allowing photographers to taste the joys of hand-held, tripod-free night photography.
• The eleven scene modes that were so well-received by users of the CX3—including “pets mode” for portraits of your favorite pet cat—are also included in the CX4.

7. A 920,000-dot, 3.0-inch high-definition VGA monitor • The large, high-resolution LCD monitor boasts high contrast and a wide viewing angle. A fluorine coating keeps the monitor free of stains, while a hard coating and anti-reflection coating prevent scratches and ensure that the display in the monitor is clearly visible even outdoors in bright sunlight.
• Wide-gamut color reproduction (100% of sRGB) ensures that colors are displayed vividly and with high fidelity.

8. Many other features that reflect Ricoh’s design philosophy: “A tool you will want to use every day” • The CX4 offers high burst rates of about 5 frames per second (fps) during continuous shooting.
• Macro mode can be used to take photos at distances as close as 1 cm when the camera is zoomed out to a focal length equivalent to 31 mm in 35 mm format, or at distances as close as 28 cm when the camera is zoomed all the way in.
• “Scene auto mode” offers the ultimate in “point-and-shoot” photography: just point the CX4 at your subject and let the camera optimize settings for best results.
• The camera can record HD movies with a frame size of 1,280 × 720 pixels.

Rechargeable battery DB-100
Battery charger BJ-10
Soft case (black) SC-90BK
Soft case (brown) SC-90BN
Neck strap ST-2
Cable switch CA-1

* All focal lengths in this news release have been converted to 35 mm format.
* All instances of “MP files” refer to “Extended MP files” in a format that conforms to the CIPA “multi-picture format” standard (extension “.MPO”). The CX4 can extract selected frames from MP files and save them in JPEG format.
<CX4 Principal Camera Specifications>

No. of Effective Pixels (Camera):
Approximately 10.00 million pixels

Image Sensor:
1/2.3-inch CMOS (total pixels: approx. 10.60 million pixels)

Focal length: f=4.9–52.5 mm
(Equivalent to 28–300 mm for 35 mm film cameras. With Step Zoom set, focal lengths can be fixed at eight steps: 28 mm, 35 mm, 50 mm, 85 mm, 105 mm, 135 mm, 200 mm, and 300 mm)
F-aperture: F3.5 (Wide)–F5.6 (Telephoto)
Shooting Distance: Normal shooting: Approx. 30 cm–infinity (Wide), approx. 1.5 m–infinity (Telephoto) (from the front of the lens)
Macro: Approx. 1 cm–infinity (Wide), approx. 28 cm–infinity (Telephoto), approx. 1 cm–infinity (Zoom Macro) (from the front of the lens)
Lens Construction: 10 elements in 7 groups (aspheric lens: 4 elements and 5 surfaces)

Zoom Magnification: Optical: 10.7x zoom (equivalent to 28-300 mm focal length for 35 mm cameras)
Digital: 4.8x up to 51.4x (equivalent to 1440 mm) when used with optical zoom
Auto Resize: 5.7x*1 up to 61.0x*1 (equivalent to 1710 mm) when used with optical zoom

Focus Modes: Multi AF / Spot AF / Face-priority Multi AF (Contrast AF method with AF Auxiliary Light), Subject-tracking AF / Multi-target AF (Contrast AF method), MF / Snap / ∞(fixed focus)

Motion Blur Reduction:
Image sensor shift method image stabilizer

Shutter Speed: *2
Still image: 8, 4, 2, 1–1/2000 sec. / Movie: 1/30–1/2000 sec.

Continuous Shooting:
Continuous shooting speed: *3 approx. 5 frames/sec. (10M 4:3F shooting time; shooting speed after 12 pictures is approx. 3 frames/sec.)
Continuous shooting capacity: 999 pictures

Exposure Control:
Exposure Metering Mode: Multi Light Metering (256 segments) / Center-weighted Light Metering / Spot Metering
Exposure Mode: Program AE
Exposure Compensation: Manual Exposure Compensation +/−2.0EV (1/3EV Steps), Auto Bracket Function (−0.5EV, ±0, +0.5EV)

ISO Sensitivity (Standard Output Sensitivity): AUTO, ISO100 / ISO200 / ISO400 / ISO800 / ISO1600 / ISO3200

White Balance Mode:
Auto / Multi-pattern Auto / Outdoors / Cloudy / Incandescent 1 / Incandescent 2 / Fluorescent / Manual, White balance bracket function

Flash Mode: Auto flash (fires automatically in low-light conditions and when the subject is backlit) / Anti Red-eye / Flash On / Flash Synchro. / Flash Off
Built-in flash range: Approx. 20 cm–4.0 m (Wide), approx. 28 cm–3.0 m (Telephoto) (auto ISO with a maximum of ISO 1600, measured from the front of the lens)
Flash compensation: +/−2.0EV (1/3EV Steps)

3.0-inch Transparent LCD (approx. 920,000 dots)

Shooting Mode:
Auto shooting mode / Movie mode / Scene auto mode / Scene mode (Portrait / Discreet Mode / Night. Port. / Night Landscape Multi-shot / Sports / Landscape / Zoom Macro / Pets / Skew Correct Mode / High Sens / Text Mode) / My settings mode / Continuous mode / Creative Shooting Mode (Dynamic Range / Miniaturize / High Contrast B&W / Soft Focus / Cross Process / Toy Camera)

Picture Quality Mode: *4
F(Fine) / N(Normal)
No. of Pixels Recorded:
Still image/multi-picture: 3648×2736, 3648×2432, 2736×2736, 3648×2048, 2592×1944, 2048×1536, 1728×1296 (multi-picture only), 1280×960, 640×480
Movie: 1280 x 720, 640 x 480, 320 x 240
Text: 3648 x 2736, 2048 x 1536

Recording Media:
SD memory card, SDHC memory card (up to 32 GB), Internal memory (approx. 86 MB)

Storage Capacity (Pictures/Time): *5 (internal memory approx. 86 MB):
Still image/multi-picture: 3648×2736 (F: 22, N: 37), 3648×2432 (F: 24), 2736×2736 (F: 29),
3648×2048 (F: 29), 2592×1944 (F: 34), 2048×1536 (F: 53), 1728×1296 (N: 127) (M-Cont Plus), 1280×960 (F: 96), 640×480 (F: 394), 640×480 (N: 691)(Speed Cont)
Movie:*6 1280×720 (16 sec.), 640×480 (49 sec.), 320×240 (1 min. 59sec.)

Recording File Format: Still Image: JPEG (Exif ver. 2.21) *7
Multi-picture: CIPA DC-007-2009 Multi-Picture Format
Movie: AVI (Open DML Motion JPEG Format compliant)
Compression method: JPEG Baseline method compliant

Other Major Shooting Functions: Continuous, Self-Timer (operation time: approx. 10 sec. / approx. 2 sec. / custom self-timer), Interval Timer (Shooting interval: 5 sec.–1 hour, 5 sec. steps), Color Bracket function, Focus Bracket function, AE/AF Target Shift, Histogram, Grid Guide, Electronic Level

Other Major Playback Functions:
Grid View, Enlarged Display (maximum 16×), Resize, Level Compensation, White Balance Compensation, Trim, Flag, Slideshow, DPOF Setting

USB 2.0 (High-Speed USB) Mini-B, Mass storage compatible*8 / AV Out 1.0Vp-p (75Ω)

Video Signal Format:
NTSC, PAL switchable

Power Supply:
Rechargeable Battery: DB-100×1

Battery Consumption: *9
Based on CIPA Standard: Using the DB-100, approx. 330 pictures (when LCD Dim is on) *10

External Dimensions (W × H × D):
101.5 mm × 58.6 mm × 29.4 (24.4 mm at thinnest part) (according to CIPA guidelines)

Approx. 205 g (including the supplied battery and SD memory card)
Approx. 184 g (body only)

Operating Temperature Range: 0ºC–40ºC

*1. VGA image size
*2. Shutter speed upper and lower limits vary depending on Shooting Mode and Flash Mode.
*3. Values measured under Ricoh measurement conditions using a Panasonic PRO HIGH SPEED 8GB SDHC memory card. The continuous shooting speed and number of pictures will vary depending on the shooting conditions, the type of recording media used, the condition of the recording media, etc.
*4. The picture quality modes which can be set vary depending on the image size.
*5. All figures are approximate.
*6. Individual movies can be up to 4 GB in size. Approximate maximum length is 12 minutes for movies with a frame size of 1280×720 and 29 minutes for movies with a frame size of 640×480 or 320×240.
*7. Compatible with DCF and DPOF. DCF is the abbreviation of the JEITA standard “Design rule for Camera File system.” (Full compatibility with other devices is not guaranteed.)
*8. Mass storage driver is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Mac OSX 10.1.2–10.6.3
*9. Shooting capacity was measured using CIPA-standard parameters. This is only an estimate, and performance may vary according to usage conditions.
*10. When LCD Auto Dim is off: approx. 310 pictures

Edifier introduces Rainbow Colours for Aurora

Stylish, 2.1 Portable audio System with Brushed Aluminium Sub Woofer available in Ten Colours.

Edifier®, a supplier of innovative speaker systems backed by state-of-the-art design and extraordinary sound quality announces the new colour range for Aurora 2.1 multimedia speaker system.

Going compact does not mean accepting average sound quality with the feature packed Aurora series. The unique aluminium tube subwoofer provides detailed bass, whilst the ultra smooth sounding full range satellites offer superb clarity. The Aurora is designed to maximise space around any notebook or PC, and is ideal for anyone who needs a high quality portable speaker system, whether for home or office use. With a range of ten colours to choose from, you can match your decor or match your mood!

Available Colours:
• Asphalt Grey
• Electric Blue
• Liquid Silver
• Luminous Yellow
• Midnight Blue
• Original Red
• Passion Pink
• Spicy Red
• Stormy Black
• Tangy Orange

Aurora Features:
• 2.1 portable audio system for notebook, PC, MP3 and all digital media and telephony applications.
• Bass ported and brush-finished 15W subwoofer for extended bass response
• Sophisticated designed and magnetically-shielded full-range spherical satellites with metal weave speaker grill
• User friendly satellite mounted controls for easy operation
• Universal power supply (100-240V)

The Aurora Specifications:

Total Power Output: R/L: RMS 3.5W x 2 (THD+N=10%)
SW: RMS 15W (THD+N=10%)
Frequency Response: R/L 230Hz-20 KHz
SW 45Hz-200Hz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >=85dBA
Input Sensitive: Intelligent Sensitivity Adjustment (E.I.D.C)
Input Ports: 3.5 mm stereo line-in
Bass Unit: 2” woofer, Magnetically Shielded, 4Ω
Tweeter: 1.5” Magnetically Shielded, 4Ω
Input Voltage: DC 12V (positive inside/negative outside)
Available Colours: Asphalt Grey/Electric Blue/Liquid Silver/Luminous Yellow/
Midnight Blue/Original Red/Passion Pink/Spicy Red/
Stormy Black/Tangy Orange
Gross weight: Approx. 1.8 Kg

Price and Availability:

The Aurora is available immediately from www.amazon.co.uk and www.currys.co.uk at SRP £49.99 inc

About Edifier:

Established in Beijing in May 1996, the Edifier Group quickly expanded overseas, and in 1998 developed into a transnational group company. The Company's head offices are in Vancouver, Canada, being mainly responsible for group strategy sales, product planning, and product R&D.

Edifier operates two production bases in China, in Beijing and Shenzhen, with full product R&D, plastic injection, machining, painting, silk-screen printing, and assembly. The R&D team is composed of dedicated acoustical engineers from Beijing, and North America. The Group has more than 2,500 employees worldwide, and manufacturing facilities covering an area of 100,000 square metres. http://www.edifier-audio.co.uk/

STM Bags release iPad and laptop Jacket

Wrap up your iPad or laptop with the cleverly designed, secure Jacket from STM.

London, UK 17th August 2010, leading Australian bag manufacturer, STM Bags has announced the release of the jacket for laptops and the iPad.

Travel fast and light whilst protecting your iPad with the jacket. The super soft interior lining cradles your laptop, whilst the slim profile provides just enough room for your iPad or laptop, cables, iPhone and some paperwork.

The combination of the durable, water resistant fabric and the high density foam ensures that your iPad is protected in any situation. With the removable, adjustable shoulder strap and the quick grab handle, the jacket provides a solution for any of your travel needs.

The Jacket comes in iPad, extra small, medium and large size and will fit most 10”,13”, 15” and 17” screens.

Key Features and Benefits:
• Super soft interior lining.
• Zippered front pocket for cables.
• Custom fit iPhone pocket for quick and easy access.
• Slip pocket on back for paper work.
• Removable, adjustable shoulder strap.
• Quick grab handle.
• Slim profile for an elegant solution for your laptop carrying needs.

Price & Availability:

The jacket range is available now at the following prices:

iPad Jacket SRP £24.95 inc
Small, Medium and Large Jacket SRP £32.50 inc

For stockist information please go to: http://www.stmbags.com/

About STM BAGS:Founded in 1998 in Sydney Australia, STM Bags (www.stmbags.com) offers a full range of laptop bags and accessories to accommodate a casual lifestyle while still looking stylish in a professional environment. Ergonomically designed with high-density padding and shock-absorbing materials to ensure the greatest level of protection and comfort, STM products offer superior style and quality.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Alpha Software Unveils First Wiki-Based Context Sensitive Help System

Company replaces Alpha Five's traditional Windows help system with wiki

Alpha Software announced that its Alpha Five Version 10.5 development platform is the first application to integrate a desktop help system with a context-sensitive wiki. The system, dubbed Alphapedia, is now Alpha Software's central resource for all Alpha Five documentation. Alphapedia is continoussly updated by Alpha Software staff and independent developers, ensuring users get the most current and helpful support information available.

Getting help from the Alphapedia wiki couldn't be easier. When a user is working in Alpha Five on their desktop, laptop, or netbook, they simply select the relevant text or component that they have a question about and press F1. But instead of the old Windows help system firing up on their desktop, they are whisked to the precise Alphapedia entry online and get the information they need. Better still, if they are an expert user, they can lop in to Alphapedia and edit or expand the information in any entry.

"Bringing a cloud-based wiki together with a desktop help system is a true industry milestone and we're proud to be the organisation that brought this innovation to the market," says Richard Rabins, Co-Chairman of Alpha Software. "We were the first company to ship Codeless Ajax, which lets people develop high-performance, interactive Ajax database applications without any programming. We were the first to ship SQL, which lets developers code once and database anywhere. And now we're the first to recognize the power and importance of wikis as a support mechanis, and to integrate that with a desktop application's help system. I'm sure many other companies will follow this model. And I hope they do, because wikis have obvious benefits for improving help systems and helping users."

Alpha Five developers everywhere are welcomed to sign in to the Alphapedia wiki and share their domain expertise with their fellow Alpha developers worldwide. A free 30-day trial of Alpha Five Version 10/5 with Codeless Ajax can be downloaded at Alpha Software's website. The Alpha Software help wiki is located at http://wiki.alphasoftware.com/HomePage.


Since 1982, Alpha Software has been providing developers with award-winning tools that make it easy to build business applications. Today over 1 million developers and tens of millions of useres rely on Alpha Software's Alpha Five. The company is privately held, and based in Burlington Mass. Alpha Software can be found on the Web at http://www.alphasoftware.com/. The company's blog is located at http://blog.alphasoftware.com/.

Thursday, 19 August 2010


New Mercalle V2 Products Feature Exclusive New 3D Video Stabilization with Automatic Rolling Shutter Correction, Support for Windows & Macintosh NLEs, and a 20% Off Pre-order Special proDAD, a world-class developer of digital video effects plug-ins and image optimization technologies for professional video editors and broadcast professionals as well as aspiring pros today announced two new products based in the Mercalli V2 technology platform. Mercalli V2, first demonstrated at the 2010 NAB show in April, has been radically re-designed with new industry-leading 3D (X, Y and Z camera axis) video stabilization and highly effective automatic rolling-shutter compensation technologu and is hands-down the most effective post-capture video stabilization and optimization solution available. The two new Mercalli products include:

  • Mercalli Pro - Seamless plug-in version of Mercalli for popular Macintosh and Windows NLEs from Adobe, Apple, AVID, Magix, Sony and Thomson Grass Valley, allowing stabilization and rolling-shutter corrections of video right of the timeline with full 32/64-bit NLE support. Mercalli Pro also includes the Mercalli Stand Alone (SAL) application.
  • Mercalli Stand Alone (SAL) - Stand-alone Mercalli video stabilization and rolling-shutter compensation application for Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP with the same core technology included in Mercalli Pro, with advanced visualizations not possible in a plug-in solution.

Mercalli Pro & SAL both offer highly effective rescue of shaky video in post production/editing thanks to brand-new 3D (X, Y and Z camera axis) stabilization technology which is an order of magnitude improvement over current stabilization technologies currently available in the market. Because 3D stabilization is so effective, a unique "Dynamic Camera" mode feature allows very precise control of the stabilization to retain the video's character. Both versions incorporate exclusive SmartBorder options which significantly reduce the need to zoom-in like other solutiona, keeping the video borders intact. Also new in Mercalli Pro & SAL is highly effective rolling-shutter compensation. Rolling-shutter is is distortion of the video introduced by many CMOS digital cameras/camcorders, giving the appearance of wobble, Jello, or skew towards the bottom of the frame when the camera is panned quickly. Both versions can render stabilized HD or SD video in real time.

"Mercalli took the market by storm when it was launched in 2008" said Andreas Huber, Managing Director of proDAD. "The video editing community needed an effective, affordable way to rescue shaky video post-capture and proDAD answered with Mercalli. Now we're upping the ante again with Mercalli Pro & SAL with its game-changing 3D video stabilization, SmartBorder options, rolling-shutter compensation, and support for the Macintosh platform" Mr Huber added.

proDAD's Mercalli provides an elegant solution to the common problem of shaky video shot in the field where it's not always possible to use a tripod or monopod to capture a scene, and flat-out impossible for helmet or vehicle mounted action cameras and mible devices. Mercalli differs from other post-production video stabilization tools as it does not require the user to struggle with baffling mathematical theory in determining the most appropriate settings to shaky video. The user simply selects the video to be stabilized on the timeline within the NLE software, selects a "de-shake" profile for correction, and Mercalli does the rest. The user can see the effects in real-time for HD or SD video, even make fine tuning adjustments on the fly.

Pricing and Availibility:

Mercalli Pro will retail for £160 and Mercalli Stand Alone will retail for £96. Current Mercalli Expert of Mercalli Light customers are eligible to upgrade for as little as £51.

For a limited time Mercall Pro and Mercalli SAL are available for a special "pre-order" offer with 20% off savings + download of special pre-release versions of the Windows plug-ins and the Stand Alone Version for those users with urgent needs. Released versions of Mercalli Pro (Windows) & Mercalli SAL are expected to ship mid-August and the release of Mercalli Pro (Win + Mac) is expected by early September.

Please visit http://www.prodad.com/ to learn more.

Mercalli V2 SDK Now Available:

proDAD video stabilization technology is available for license to creative software developers and other desiring to add video stabilization into their products. Please contact proDAD Developer Solutions for more information by sending an emails to: licensing@prodad.com

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Laplink Migration Kit for Windows 7.

Laplink Migration Kit for Windows 7. The Seamless, Easiest Way to Upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7.

Laplink Migration Kit for Windows 7 helps you transer all of your old files from a Windows XP or Vista operating system onto a clean install of Windows 7.

Microsoft does not offer a direct upgrade path from Windows XP to Windows 7, forcing upgrade customers to erase their entire PC before moving into the latest operating system.

Laplink Migration Kit for Windows 7 is the result of collaboration between O&O Software GmbH and Laplink Software Inc. The main components of Migration Kit for Windows 7 are O&O DiskImage 4 Professional Edition and Laplink PCmover. O&O DiskImage provides for an imaging of all data prior to the migration as well as for periodic imaging of the new system. Laplink PCmover provides the easiest and quickest solution for moving applications, games, settings and data to Windows 7.

Migration Kit for Windows 7 contains everything that's needed to make migration as easy as possible. The clearly designed wizard guides you step by step through the migration process from Windows XP/Vista to Windows 7.

DiskImage 4 Professional Edition and Laplink PCmover are able to image and migrate up to three systems. The migrations can occur on the sam as well as between two different computers. An Ethernet transfer cable is included in delivery for migration between two computers.

Migration Kit for Windows 7 was designed for users wanting to install the new Windows 7 on their old computer as well as for those purchasing a new computer with Windows 7 who want to transer data, applications and settings from the old computer to the new one. The Migration Kit for Windows 7 supports all cariations of the migration within on or between two systems, and of course the migration from Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 Beta/RC to the final version fo Windows 7. Migration from 32 to 64-bit systems is also possible using the Kit.

Main Features:

  • Migration of personal data.
  • Migration of all personal settings.
  • Migration of applications and games.
  • Migration from Windows 2000 Pro to Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit)
  • Migration from Windows XP to Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit)
  • Migration from Windows Vista to Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit)
  • Migration from Windows 7 Beta/RC to Windows 7
  • Complete data imaging of the old and new systems.
  • Up to three migrations on one or between two systems.
  • Migration on the same or between two systems.

Price and Availability:

Laplink Migration Kit for Windows 7 is available now at SRP £29.99 inc from PC World.

Edifier Launches New Prisma

Edifier Launches Stylish Prisma Multimedia Speakers.

Exotic looking pyramid-shaped subwoofer with super fashionable satellites, the Edifier Prisma is a fashion statement in any home.

Edifier, a supplier of visionary speaker systems supporting state-of-the-art design and extraordinary sound quality, continues to consolidate its position as a leader in the manufacture of high quality, multimedia speaker systems with its latest lifestyle product launch.

An audio and visual delight, the Edifier Prisma speaker system is a treat for your eyes and ears! the exotic looking pyramid shaped subwoofer and satellites will complement modern PC and monitor styles, while the glossy white finish will suit contemporary homes. With hi-tech crossovers for the new anti-resonant material satellites and a down-firing subwoofer drive, the sound is superb.
The ergonomic, wired, low profile control means that adjusting the volume is easy, whilst the built-in headphone and MP3 jack offer flexible listening options. The soft touch on/off switch with 'red halo' lighting located on top of the subwoofer allows for an easy operation. Available in a gloss white finish, at a price of £89.99, the Prisma is designed to complement any home.
  • Exotic subwoofer housing with 'opera' house look and feel.
  • Wired, low-profile, rotary, master volume controller with red LED 'Halo' effect with built-in headphone and MP3 input jacks.
  • Soft touch on/off switch with 'halo' red lighitng located on top of the subwoofer.
  • Magnetically shielded speaker drivers.
  • Separate bass control located at rear of subwoofer.
  • 3.5mm jack located at rear of subwoofer.
  • Power Output: RMS 2 x 9W + 32W (THD=10%)
  • Signal to noise ratio (amplifier) :=> 85dBA
  • Distortion:<0.5
  • Input Sensitivity: R/L: 550+/-50mV (Line-in), 300+/-50mV (AUX)
  • SW: 200+/-50mV (Line-in), 100+/-50mV (AUX)
  • Frequency response: R/L: 190Hz ~ 20kHZ
  • SW: 30Hz ~ 130Hz
Price and Availability:
The Prisma is available at SRP £89.99 inc and is available online from the Apple Store and Play.com.