Monday, 28 March 2011


Appsmaker Announce DataErasePro

Delete and Destroy Confidential Data Without Trace

Enfield London, 28th March 2011 – Interactive Ideas, one of the UK’s leading value-added software and peripherals distributor in partnership with appsmaker, is pleased to announce the release of appsmaker DataErasePro.
DataErasePro is an innovative new software that can help you delete and destroy confidential data permanently. Many users are still not aware that deleted files, hard disks, USB sticks and memory cards can be restored in many cases. DataErasePro contains a variety of sophisticated features and algorithms that are capable of deleting data securely, quickly and permanently. The state-of-the-art deletion methods also mean that DataErasePro can be used in the business world.

DataErasePro can be used to wipe the complete system, including the system partition by facilitating the creation of a bootable storage medium. The system to be wiped can be started from this medium and can be completely wiped using the deletion module provided. If you only want to wipe certain areas of the hard disk or certain files, DataErasePro will help you through the process with easy-to-use instructions.

Main Features:

·         Fully clean/wipe your PC as new.
·         Data on pre-owned computers can easily be restored if not fully deleted.
·         Wipe out photos, videos from digital cameras, USB sticks and memory cards so recovery is not possible.
·         Uses the most secure and up-to-date erasing technologies following international safety standards.
·         Accredited journals are created, particularly for public authorities and companies to prove the erasure process.
·         Comfortable batch processing lets you even wipe out large amounts of data from your disk drives.

Price and Availability:

DataErasePro is available at RRP £39.99 inc from

Appsmaker Announce OptimalDiskPro

For More Power, Reliability and Monitoring of Your Hard Drives
Enfield London, 28th March 2011 – Interactive Ideas, one of the UK’s leading value-added software and peripherals distributor in partnership with appsmaker, is pleased to announce the release of appsmaker OptimalDiskPro.

OptimalDiskPro is a innovative new software that will help you optimize your hard disk by speeding it up, repairing and monitoring it. Your hard disk needs constant maintenance. Without care and attention your hard disk will lose performance due to fragmented files, downloads and viruses. OptimalDiskPro returns the performance of your PC to that of when you first purchased it.

OptimalDiskPro provides high efficient modules for analyzing the most important physical parameters of your hard disk, detecting and repairing file system errors. To prevent losing valuable data in the event of a hard disk crash, OptimalDiskPro monitors all your hard drives and warns you in advance of a problem before any data is lost.

OptimalDiskPro provides a powerful network interface. The OptimalDisk Server will be installed on any centrally accessible Windows computer, or registered with a few clicks on the server on other computer systems. You can access the management console of the server from any computer, whether it is a laptop, PC, iPhone or iPad.

Main Features:

·         Defragmentation of disk, folders and files
·         Parallel defragmentation on different physical drives
·         Windows sidebar gadget
·         Basic support by e-mail, automatic updates
·         Monitors all hard drives and warns you of a problem before any information is lost
·         Disk Doktor and Benchmark

Price and Availability:

OptimalDiskPro is available at RRP £39.99 inc from


Wednesday, 23 March 2011

STUFF Test Out the New Ricoh CX5!

We sent the guys over at Stuff Magazine the new Ricoh CX5 to test out. Here are their thoughts:

"With a brick-like metal construction and ultra-sharp 3-inch 920,000-pixel screen, there’s much to admire here: and the whole thing can be slipped into your jeans pocket without causing too much discomfort."

"All in all this is a great little superzoom that gives a good account of itself next to the Nikons and Canons of this world. A nice alternative with great build quality and a fantastic screen."

For the full review, check out the link below:

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Lastolite Announce New TriFlector Speed-Lite

March 22nd 2010, Lastolite Limited, the world's leading manufacturer of backgrounds and lighting control systems for the photo, video and cinema industry, has announced the launch of the new Triflector Speed-Lite.

The Triflector Speed-Lite is the ultimate beauty lighting accessory for Ezybox Hotshoe users. The Triflector Speed-Lite stand incorporates a clever overhead arm to support the Ezybox Hotshoe which alleviates the need for a seperate, expensive boom arm stand. The three reflective panels allow the photographer to position the light exactly where it is needed and achieve distinctive catchlight.

Main Features and Benefits:
  1. For use with Hotshoe Flashguns only
  2. All in one portable system
  3. Compatible with Ezybox Hotshoe
  4. Assembles in minutes
  5. Includes carry case
Pricing and Availability:

The Triflector Speed-Lite is available now at SRP £265.00 inc.

For stockist information please see:
Telephone: 01530 832570

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

STM Glove Review

One of our fellow bloggers has done a great review of the STM Glove!

"The case is really well made with high quality stitching and an obvious attention to detail. My laptop now has a fly home and I would recommend STM's products to you."

Check out the full review over at iCanLookFly:

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

60 Applications from Paragon Software Group – including, the Latest Hard Disk Management and Migration to Modern 3TB and SSD Disks Technologies, Translation Tools from the World’s Leading Publishers – Available at Intel AppUp Center

Among the First Developers to Reach New Netbook Application Storefront Market, Paragon Software Uniquely Positioned to Offer Applications to Both Desktop and Mobile Computers

FREIBURG, Germany – March 15, 2011 – Paragon Software Group, a leading software developer for mobile devices and desktop PCs, and Intel, a world leader in computing innovation, announce that they have signed a multi-year partnership agreement to offer Paragon applications through Intel AppUp Developer Program.  Paragon’s 44 premium-content dictionaries and reference works from the world’s top publishers, such as Berlitz Publishing, Larousse Editorial S.L., Langenscheidt KG, Merriam-Webster Inc., PONS GmbH – to name a few, as well as its pioneering, award-winning PenReader multilingual handwriting-recognition technology, are already available in English and French at Intel AppUpSM center.

The Intel AppUp center is a service that allows end consumers to browse a centralized catalog of applications for purchase and download to their netbook or other personal computing device – a simple, secure, one-stop-shop for netbook apps.  The first products available from Paragon Software at Intel AppUp center include premium-content, advanced-featured ‘talking’ dictionaries from the world’s leading publishers, including Talking Merriam-Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged; Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary and the company’s line of SlovoEd bilingual talking dictionaries in 34 world languages, including Dictionnaire parlant SlovoEd Classic Anglais-Fran├žais, Le dictionnaire VOX Fran├žais-Espagnol.  

Paragon Software’s acclaimed computer system migration, hard disk management, data safety, and backup and recovery product lines, as well as multiple cross-platform software technologies, are slated to be available at Intel AppUpSM center in March, 2011. Paragon Software has released 17 award-winning system utility products to Intel AppUpSM center, including Backup & Recovery Home, Hard Disk Manager Professional, Drive Copy  Personal, Partition Manager Personal and Virtualization Manager Professional. In addition to standard hard disk management software that enables data and system backup, or eases data storage and partitioning schemes, Paragon Software will also offer some emerging technologies beneficial to netbook users, such as utilities to access to high-capacity HDD storage and facilitate migration to a virtual environment.

“Paragon Software supports Intel’s initiative to ease netbook users’ discovery of new offerings through its Intel AppUp center, and is pleased to be among the first developers included in the project,” said Alex Zudin, CEO of Paragon Software Group.  More than 300 products have been developed by Paragon Software for desktop and mobile users in the company’s 16-year history.  Ensuring our applications are available in a format that supports convenient, direct downloads, Paragon Software is confident that our titles will continue to be essential to another generation of computer users.”
A full list of current Paragon Software titles can be viewed by searching “Paragon Software” at Additional software titles will also be available for download in the coming year, extending product lines to all Intel users.  

Monday, 14 March 2011

Appsmaker Announce AppBoosterPro 2.0

Get The Most Out Of Gaming On Your PC!

Enfield London, 14th March 2011 – Interactive Ideas, one of the UK’s leading value-added software and peripherals distributor in partnership with appsmaker, is pleased to announce the release of appsmaker AppBoosterPro.

AppBoosterPro is a new and innovative software that gives you instant power for your apps and games whenever you need it.  Instead of manually shutting down running processes, applications and windows services, AppBooster quits all unneeded background processes and services, making more RAM and CPU power available for your favourite games and apps.

AppBoosterPro doesn’t alter any system settings or modify the windows registry in order to stop background processes. Your system will return to the same status after the Booster Mode has been stopped or your system has been restarted. AppBoosterPro can be enabled and disabled at any time without having to restart your system, and is so easy to use that even inexperienced users can get the most out of their PC.

Main Features:

·         Memory Booster – Prevents swapping during Gameplay to reduce lags.
·         Internet Booster – Optimizes internet connection.
·         Defragmentation – Optimizes your drive with the 3-Zone-Algorithmn.
·         AutoBoost Technology – Automatically starts the Booster Mode if one of the selected applications has been started.
·         Booster Environments – After unneeded applications have been closed, a list of selected applications can be launched automatically.
·         Windows Sidebar and Tray-Gadget – Fast access to Booster Mode and Booster Profiles.
·         More details about unneeded Applications.

Price and Availability:

AppBoosterPro 2.0 is available at RRP £19.99 inc from

Friday, 11 March 2011

Rebit Reinvents PC Backup with Release of Rebit 5
User-Requested Features Added to Benefit Consumers and SMBs

Rebit 5 Backup Software – “Ridiculously Simple” fully automatic system protection and hassle-free data recovery.

London, March 11th 2011, Rebit Inc., the company dedicated to making backup and recovery for PC users “ridiculously simple”, in partnership with its UK publisher PX Software, today announced its newest software, Rebit 5.

Rebit 5 Backup Software is the safe, simple and smart way to protect your digital content. It provides automatic, transparent and continuous backup. Any music, videos or pictures you download or transfer are immediately backed up ensuring that none of your digital content will be lost in the instance of a virus or disk crash. 

“Our objective was to reinvent how PC backup is done for consumers and small businesses, and we accomplished that goal,” commented Paul Guerin, CEO, Rebit Inc.  “What had been a cumbersome process is now fully automatic, from initial backup through recovery.  Our customers and partners have confirmed that Rebit 5 delivers an unprecedented user experience that is very different from any other PC backup product available today.”

“We listened to customer feedback and responded with Rebit 5,” added Charlene Murphy, executive vice president, sales and marketing, Rebit Inc.  “I’m confident that anyone who believes complete PC backup and recovery should be automatic and simply work will be delighted with the enhancements we’ve developed.  I encourage consumers and small business users to try Rebit 5 utilizing our downloadable Trialware, and I’m sure current users will be pleased with the upgrades.”

Features of Rebit 5 software include:

·         A new user interface that provides backup and recovery status at a glance
·         Concurrent support for both DAS and NAS
·         On-demand recovery point creation
·         USB 3.0 support for fast data transfer

For a free 30 day trial please visit

Price and Availability:

Rebit 5 software is available in single and three-PC licenses at SRP £24.99 and £49.99 inc from It is also offered installed on portable and desktop hard drive appliances in capacities ranging from 320GB to 2TB.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Take a look at just what you can do with CrazyTalk Animator! Follow the link below:

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Edifier launches Prime USB

2.0 Multimedia Speaker System Provides Impressive Audio Performance for Listeners

Edifier®, a supplier of visionary speaker systems supporting state-of-the-art design and extraordinary sound quality, continues to consolidate its position as a leader in the manufacture of high quality, multimedia speaker systems with its latest lifestyle product launch.

The Edifier Prime USB is a dynamic 2.0 multimedia USB Hub speaker system with both USB audio streaming and regular analog audio input capabilities. The full-range speaker drivers are mounted in designer white satellites combined with the top mounted electronic volume controls guarantee ease of use an impressive audio performance. The Prime USB is compatible with all PC and home based computer systems, and the unique 4 USB Hub connection provides a single point of connectivity for keyboards, mouse devices, data transfer and other USB-enabled devices.


  • Dynamic Multimedia USB Hub speaker system with 52mm full-range magnetically shielded speaker drives.
  • Full USB audio streaming capability.
  • 4 USB Hub connection.
  • AUX stereo input, USB cable and 3.5mm analog audio input cable included.
  • Top mounted electronic volume control, full range universal AC/DC power supply.

  • Total Power Output: RMS 2 x 1W (THD - 10%)
  • Signal to noise ratio: 85dBA
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.5%
  • Input Sensitivity: 450 +- 50mV (THD + N = 1%)
  • Speaker Dimensions (W x H x D): 63mm x 156mm x 147mm

Price and Availability:

The Prime USB is available at SRP £49.99 inc and is available online from and Micro Direct.

Thursday, 3 March 2011


New Swann ADW - 200 Digital Wireless Security Camera gives your home or office additional surveillance with built-in, high-tech wireless technology and a secure, 100% private signal.

A cost effective camera and receiver for easy viewing on any TV. Simple to install this new camera provides wireless security for the world we live in.

Milton Keynes, UK –March 3rd 2011, Swann Security, the global leader in security monitoring solutions, is pleased to announce the new ADW-200 Digital Wireless Security Camera.

The ADW-200 is the latest addition to Swann’s industry leading ADW range. The ADW-200 uses a secure digital transmission, meaning that there is zero interference and static from other wireless devices such as Bluetooth, web routers and cordless phones. This ensures the best quality recordings and images possible.

With a secure, wireless transmission up to 50m, and up to 8m night vision, you can be sure not to miss a thing with the ADW-200. The robust, weather resistant metal casing ensures that recording quality does not deteriorate in bad weather, and the built in microphone means that you will always hear, as well as see, what is going on. Set up is easy - simply install the camera in the area you want monitored, plug the receiver in your TV, and once set to the same channel, the camera and the receiver will pair up.

The ADW-200 is a cost effective camera and receiver for easy viewing on any TV. In addition to the ADW-200 Wireless Camera, the pack also includes a digital receiver, RCA cable, two power adapters, mounting screws and plugs, theft deterrent stickers, and the instructions you need for easy set up and installation.


  • Clearer picture and better sound with the latest Advanced Digital Security.
  • Zero interference from Bluetooth, Web routers, Cordless phones and is truly wi-fi friendly.
  • Up to 165ft (50m) wireless transmission.
  • Up to 26ft (8m) good night vision.
  • 100% privacy guaranteed from a secure signal.
  • Connect to a DVR to record incidents on video.
  • Installing wireless security has never been easier, just plug and play.
Price and Availability:

The new ADW-200 is available from Argos at SRP £139.99 inc. An additional camera is available at £79.99 inc
For current availability and sales information please email

For select out of box sales and other Swann promotions, please visit: