Monday, 28 March 2011


Appsmaker Announce DataErasePro

Delete and Destroy Confidential Data Without Trace

Enfield London, 28th March 2011 – Interactive Ideas, one of the UK’s leading value-added software and peripherals distributor in partnership with appsmaker, is pleased to announce the release of appsmaker DataErasePro.
DataErasePro is an innovative new software that can help you delete and destroy confidential data permanently. Many users are still not aware that deleted files, hard disks, USB sticks and memory cards can be restored in many cases. DataErasePro contains a variety of sophisticated features and algorithms that are capable of deleting data securely, quickly and permanently. The state-of-the-art deletion methods also mean that DataErasePro can be used in the business world.

DataErasePro can be used to wipe the complete system, including the system partition by facilitating the creation of a bootable storage medium. The system to be wiped can be started from this medium and can be completely wiped using the deletion module provided. If you only want to wipe certain areas of the hard disk or certain files, DataErasePro will help you through the process with easy-to-use instructions.

Main Features:

·         Fully clean/wipe your PC as new.
·         Data on pre-owned computers can easily be restored if not fully deleted.
·         Wipe out photos, videos from digital cameras, USB sticks and memory cards so recovery is not possible.
·         Uses the most secure and up-to-date erasing technologies following international safety standards.
·         Accredited journals are created, particularly for public authorities and companies to prove the erasure process.
·         Comfortable batch processing lets you even wipe out large amounts of data from your disk drives.

Price and Availability:

DataErasePro is available at RRP £39.99 inc from

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