Wednesday, 29 February 2012

New Study Demonstrates Risk of Data and Identity Theft Still Misunderstood and On the Rise
Laplink® found that as many as 85% of previously owned storage devices are not securely erased, allowing sensitive information to easily be recovered by the new owner.
BELLEVUE, Wash. - Feb. 29th, 2012 – Laplink Software, Inc. today released a report that raised significant concerns in privacy security for users of PCs, smartphones, tablets, cameras and other devices.
The study, co-authored and conducted by Laplink and O&O Software GmbH, analyzed a sample of 160 randomly purchased hard drives and memory storage previously used in PCs, cameras and smartphones. By simply un-erasing data with commercially available tools, and without any special hardware, close to 53,000 digital pictures and 4,500 documents were recovered from the memory storage devices. Of the 160 devices, 85% were not securely erased and data could easily be recovered while 15% were either physically defective or securely erased. Although many of the files recovered seemed harmless, some included very sensitive information such as private pictures, sensitive documents, legal certificates and other personal information.
“Users of any memory storing device (computers, cameras, smartphones, etc.) are at constant risk of privacy and identity invasion,” said Laplink CEO Thomas Koll. “Users often feel a false sense of security because they use an encrypted browser and security software as well as delete files that are no longer needed. However, when deleting files, users don’t realize that simply dragging files to the recycle bin or trash isn’t enough. They need to use software that is specially designed to securely erase their sensitive data to be certain it cannot be recovered.”
With the increasing cases of privacy breaches, data theft and identity theft, it has become more important that users of memory storing devices (especially PCs) are better educated to protect themselves. One of the most important and effective protection methods is to securely and permanently erase their sensitive information.
“Within Windows, it is commonly believed by PC users that a file is completely removed from the hard drive when it is deleted and the recycle bin is emptied, but this is far from true,” commented Laplink CTO Jack Wilson. “When deleting a file using the recycle bin, all that the user has actually done is removed the particular file name from the disk’s index; the file still remains on the hard drive. Removing the file name from the index makes it more difficult to find that file, but it’s still there and is relatively easy to find, especially with the right software.”
Laplink SafeErase™ provides safe and complete deletion of confidential data. By utilizing six government recommended deletion methods, it ensures that sensitive information cannot be recovered even if an old PC or hard drive falls into the wrong hands. SafeErase can be used daily, for simple data deletions, or it can be used to completely wipe a hard drive before recycling or selling an old PC.
“Data is rarely safe, unless the proper precautions are taken,” explained Laplink Director of Marketing Neil Minetto. “SafeErase completely removes sensitive data, ensuring the user’s privacy is protected. This is just one angle of attack users must take to defend themselves from hackers and thieves. Encrypting data on your PC, by using a product like PC Lock™, is another effective solution to protect your files even if your PC is stolen. Sensitive information and entire identities are stolen every day, and this will continue unless PC users do everything they can to protect themselves.”
Laplink SafeErase and PC Lock are available at and at most major software retailers throughout the US and Canada. A white paper containing more details about the study and data security can be downloaded from Laplink’s website here.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Honestech nScreen™ Deluxe delivers Wi-Fi Display Technology to mass market!

Honestech nScreen™ wirelessly project your PC or handheld to your TV or display devices. 

Southampton, U.K. – February 27th 2012Honest Technology or Honestech, Inc., a leading software developer and marketer of Wi-Fi Display Technology has released Honestech nScreen™ Deluxe which enables you to project your PC screen and audio, or stream multimedia directly to your display device such as a TV, monitor or projector using a wireless network up to 1080p HD resolution. Simply connect the included nScreenBox™ to your TV or projector using the included HDMI or composite AV cable, and the TV or projector can be used to project for your laptop or desktop PC screen through your Wi-Fi connection.  Honestech nScreen™ Deluxe is also a great presentation tool for business applications, where it’s not necessary to change cables and PC’s or find ways to transfer a presentation file.

Users can also stream multimedia content from portable devices, including iPhone, iPad and Android devices to a TV or projector up to 1080p HD resolution. Free apps are available at Android Market and iTunes.

Honestech nScreen™ Deluxe can render and stream high-definition video (up to 1080p resolution) and audio flawlessly in a home, office or academic environment.  You can also project or stream movies, photos, music, presentations or other content playing on your laptop or desktop PC, smartphone, or tablet in real-time. Honestech nScreen™ Deluxe works with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 systems.  An update that supports Mac OS for streaming and mirroring will be available in March 2012.

Price and Availability:

Honestech nScreen Deluxe is available at £129.99 inc from

Thursday, 23 February 2012

BinaryDistribution Scoops Exclusive UK Publishing Rights to WinJournal, Paperless, Desktop Poet and Contour!

Aylesbury, UK, February 23rd 2012; Binary Distribution, the software publishing and distribution house, has concluded a partnership agreement with Mariner to be their exclusive UK retail publisher for WinJournal, Paperless, Desktop Poet and Contour – all for Windows.

Working with Mariner, BinaryDistribution will represent and enhance the Mariner brand by working to develop new revenue streams within the UK. “Mariner Software’s range of extremely high quality titles are a fantastic addition to BinaryDistribution’s catalogue,” stated Jon Silvera, Managing Director of BinaryDistribution. “We’re very proud to make them available for the first time in the UK from Amazon and in both boxed and download versions.”

"In today's competitive climate, partnerships play a major role in the success of our product line”, said Michael Wray, President of Mariner Software. “BinaryDistribution has the experience and knowledge to help Mariner get more exposure in UK. We are thrilled to be working with them."

Included in the range are:

Contour is a must have for every screenwriter. It is a proven story development system that streamlines the process of turning your movie ideas from first glimmer to full outline. Contour takes your idea and uses a fill-in-the-blanks and intuitive approach and guides you as to what elements need to be part of your story outline.

For more information please see:

Desktop Poet presents you with your choice of hundreds of word tiles on your desktop. Whether you are a poet, novelist, playwright, educator or student, Desktop Poet puts hundreds of words right at your fingertips! The tiles become a visual embodiment of the English language, allowing you to create poems, sentences or phrases – it’s ‘fridge poetry’ for Windows!

For more information please see:

Paperless 2 for Windows has the ability to keep up and maintain the task of reducing your need for paper. Scan your receipts, bills, statements, warranty cards, business cards and any paper document. The OCR function of Paperless recognizes the data from your receipts and adds it to the Details Window. Make more notes, assign more categories – all the tools you need for a neat and clean digital filing system is in Paperless!

For more information please see:

WinJournal - Effortlessly organize and record your thoughts and daily events with this journal software. Publish entries to your favorite blog site or keep secure on your PC. Even podcast with WinJournal – the all-in-one blog client! Chronicle life's moments for your grandchildren, your children, or yourself! Look back years from now to recall what you were involved with today. Add photos, links, audio, graphics, or just words. WinJournal’s journal software will archive your entries, keeping them safe and secure on your hard drive.

For more information please see:

All products are available now as a download from or in boxed format from
First GR DIGITAL IV Firmware Update Released

Tokyo, Japan, February 23, 2012—Ricoh Company, Ltd. (CEO: Shiro Kondo) on February 27, 2012, will release the first function-expansion firmware update for the GR DIGITAL IV, a high-image-quality digital camera launched in October 2011.

The firmware update incorporates ideas taken from the many opinions and requests we received from customers who filled out a survey when they registered their cameras. The update adds new functions and an increased number of settings that can be adjusted on the GR DIGITAL IV cameras that our customers already treasure, thus improving its performance and ease of use while also giving it the latest functions.

The firmware and user manual explaining its functions can be downloaded free of charge from the Ricoh website.

First GR DIGITAL IV Function-Expansion Firmware Update

Enhanced functions

1. Adds Function for Including Copyright Notice
Inputted copyright information is recorded to the image’s Exif data when a picture is taken. Up to 46 alphanumeric characters can be recorded, and the information can then be checked in the detailed file information on the camera’s playback screen.

2. Improves Auto Exposure Speed
The speed of auto exposure control has been improved, making selection of the proper exposure smoother.

3. Adds Function for Saving Snap Focus Distance at Time of Shutter Release to the ADJ lever and Fn button
The snap focus distance at the time of shutter release can now be saved to the ADJ. lever or the Fn button. The setting can be changed without having to go the menu screen.

4. Adds Function for Displaying Photo Information for Interval Composite Photos
For photos taken using the Interval Composite mode, this function enables a display of shooting times from start to finish, as well as the number of composite images in the detailed information displayed on the playback screen.

5. Adds Floating Black level adjustment function for Interval Composite Mode Shooting
The "Floating black level adjustment" function can be turned On or Off (default setting is on); if set to On, it can reduce noise at high sensitivities.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Laplink Releases Free Windows® 8 Testing Tool

PCmover® Windows® 8 Beta Assistant™ is free to use and allows users to efficiently test Windows 8.
Southampton, UK, February 20th, 2012, Laplink Software, Inc. has released PCmover ® Windows ® 8 Beta Assistant™, a free tool that makes testing Windows 8 more efficient and easily allows users to migrate selected programs, files and settings from a Windows 7 PC to a Windows 8 PC.
PCmover Windows 8 Beta Assistant is available now as a free download on Laplink’s website and can be used to perform an unlimited number of migrations at no charge prior to July 2012.
Beta Assistant provides a unique solution that allows users to move selected programs, files and settings from a Windows 7 or Windows 8 machine into a new machine running Windows 8. PCmover is the number one best-selling migration software in the world and is the only software that moves installed programs (as well as files, settings and user profiles) from an old PC to a new one. Unlike PCmover, Microsoft’s Windows Easy Transfer has never supported the process of migrating installed apps. Without PCmover, users must find old CDs, re-download applications, and locate serial numbers and keys to manually install programs when setting up a new PC.
“Setting up a new PC is a nightmare without PCmover,” explained Laplink Director of Marketing Neil Minetto. “The amount of time it takes to set up a new PC is staggering, not to mention all the hassle. With PCmover, users can have a new PC up and running in no time, and getting used to the new PC is much easier because PCmover transfers the personality and functionality of the old PC along with the rest of the data.”
PCmover Windows 8 Beta Assistant is compatible with physical or virtual machines (VMs) provided that both the source and destination are 64-bit operating systems. Beta Assistant will work with the Developer Preview as well as all of the upcoming Beta releases and RC (release candidate) builds. And, as new Beta and RC builds are released, Beta Assistant can be used to migrate between those builds, even to and from the same PC providing a fast and easy “Beta Upgrade” path.
“By using PCmover to migrate Windows 7 to a Windows 8 computer or VM, automating what is normally a series of manual processes, testers and developers stand to save hundreds of hours,” commented Laplink CTO Jack Wilson. “To conduct tests of Windows 8, it is typical for a user to provision several different Windows 8 VMs complete with a unique arrangement of development tools, debug software, SDKs and environmental variables. PCmover allows the user to quickly jump into the testing phase, using the same tools, software and environment they used in Windows 7.”
Laplink offers multiple editions of PCmover to serve the needs of every user and every scenario. From Home to Professional to Enterprise, PCmover expedites any migration scenario, whether a single consumer PC to refreshing thousands of business PCs. And, PCmover is safe to use as it doesn’t make any changes on the source PC and won’t overwrite anything on the destination PC. This means there is no risk to the user’s current environment and their data will remain intact on the old PC, preventing any risk of data loss.
PCmover is available online at Amazon for SRP £29.99 inc

Friday, 17 February 2012

New Paragon's Camptune X for Mac® is The Easiest and Fastest Way to Redistribute Free Space.

Now, for the first time ever, there is no need to reboot your Mac to perform repartitioning.  Camptune X works directly in your Mac to share free space on either operating system quickly and easily with no data loss

FREIBURG, Germany, February 16th 2012, Paragon Software Group (PSG), a leader in data backup, disaster recovery, and data migration solutions today announced Camptune™X for Mac® OS X. Paragon’s Camptune solves the maintenance problem that Mac Boot Camp™ users encounter when they run out of free partition space.  With Camptune, Mac users can redistribute available space between Macintosh and Windows partitions rapidly without data loss, adding free megabytes to partitions on either operating system quickly and easily.
Many dual-boot users face the problem of resizing partitions as the amount of data - either on Mac OS X volume and windows volume - increases over time.    Paragon Camptune X  for Mac OS X is a next-generation utility that changes volume sizes in dual-boot Mac OS X/Windows systems by adding more space to one volume at the expense of another.  Simple to use, Camptune X is a native utility that adjusts volume size in a few simple clicks without the need to boot to a special environment.

Traditionally, to solve the problem of free space relocation Mac users would need to back up the Boot Camp partition, delete the partition, recreate the NTFS partition with new size and finally, restore the Windows partition backup into this new NTFS partition. The whole process would take 2 to 5 hours. Now with Camptune X the same results can be achieved in a matter of minutes.
Paragon Camptune X has very easy and intuitive interface. There are just 3 simple steps to perform the resize:
1.    Run Camptune X
2   Set the desired volume size by moving the partitions boundary
3.  Perform the operation.
Camptune X Benefits:
·         No need to perform many manual operations.
·         No need to reboot Mac, thus you can continue your usual work while the resize operation is performed.
·         No need to have third-party software or installation media.
·         With Camptune X the whole resize operation is twice as faster.
Paragon Camptune X is available for £13.27
For further information, please visit:

Thursday, 16 February 2012

NEW MAGIX Digital DJ 2.

Great DJ software powered by Deckadance and Mufin Integration – Compatible with Windows and Mac!

DJ, Scratch and Remix in True Perfection!

UK, February 16th 2012, MAGIX AG, One of the leading international providers of software, online services, and digital content, has announced the release of Digital DJ 2.

MAGIX Digital DJ 2 is the most innovative DJ software for PC and Mac. From novice DJs to ambitious club DJs, Digital DJ 2 offers everything you need to make amazing DJ sets. Simply drag tracks onto the decks or into the playlist, preview using headphones, synchronize the beat and play back manually or using auto-mix.

Integrated mufin technology allows creation of a list of similar songs based on an initial pick, and tracks from this list can cued directly into the live mix. For those who want even more, there is a built-in sampler and the option to upgrade to Deckadance.
  • NEW! Supports a wide range of DJ hardware controllers.
  • NEW! Easy Song Manager with cover view.
  • NEW! Snap & Quant function for perfect loops.
  • NEW! Twice as many samples in the included 8-slot sampler.
  • Professional mix & scratch engine.
  • Precise beat recognition.
  • Useful Automix function.
  • Seamless iTunes® integration.
  • Sound-based music suggestions with muffin technology.
  • Mix effects for real DJ sound.
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac

Price & Availability:

MAGIX Digital DJ 2 is available now for SRP £39.99 inc VAT from Amazon and PC World. For more information, please see:

Thursday, 9 February 2012

NEW MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab MX. The Award-Winning Standard for Perfect Recording, Restoring and Burning.

Professional Audio Editing and Sound Restoration Made Easy!

UK, February 9th 2012, MAGIX AG, One of the leading international providers of software, online services, and digital content, has announced the release of Audio Cleaning Lab MX.
MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab MX is the perfect award-winning audio toolbox for music recordings, sound restoration and burning based on the most current mastering tools from MAGIX. Easily eliminate noises such as hissing and popping from your old treasures on LPs, cassettes or tapes and digital audio files without any prior knowledge and transfer perfectly mastered music to CDs, DVDs or MP3 players.

The useful overview track, professional effects and intuitive design ensure easy operation and a quick way to perfect digital sound. Noisy sections can be marked in the Spectral View and edited separately if the presets are not adequate. With real stereo editing and an advanced colour palette for improved visualisation, working with Direct Spectral Cleaning is now easier than ever. Equipped with the new MX philosophy, recordings can be exported directly to other MAGIX programs such as MAGIX MP3 deluxe or MAGIX Movie Edit Pro deluxe MX for further use.


·        NEW! More than 60 new presets – The ideal solution for automatic sound optimization.
·        NEW! Turbo Tapes – Cassette recordings with High Speed Dubbing easily record and restore.
·        NEW! Master reverb Effect – You can now apply the reverb or echo effect on the complete track.
·        IMPROVED! Auto Cleaning wizard – Now even easier and more goal-orientated.
·        IMPROVED! Step-by-Step wizards – For perfect Sound Cleaning and Mastering.
·        IMPROVED! Direct Spectral Cleaning – With real stereo and optimized visualization.

Price & Availability:

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab MX is available now for SRP £39.99 inc VAT from Amazon, PC World and Currys and other stockists of high quality software.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Uniblue Announces Latest Versions

RegistryBooster 2012, SpeedUpMyPc 2012 and DriverScanner 2012 Now Available

Northampton, UK February 8th 2012– PC utilities market leader, Uniblue, has released the new 2012 versions for RegistryBooster, SpeedUpMyPC and DriverScanner. Each individual Uniblue program tackles particular areas of a PC system with the purpose of improving overall performance. Review downloads are available now.

RegistryBooster is built to run fast scans to identify the unnecessary, invalid, obsolete, abandoned and incorrect entries in the Windows registry. Based on years of fine-tuning, RegistryBooster identifies and cleans only invalid entries, whilst leaving correct and necessary entries untouched. Another essential element provided by RegistryBooster is the defrag feature: this tool orders fragments and clutter in the registry, helping it to function more efficiently.

SpeedUpMyPC has provided a lifeline to countless PC users who have been frustrated by slow start-up and program opening times, frequent freezes, crashes and a general deterioration of computer performance. The software optimizes system settings, deletes junk files and improves RAM and CPU functions, injecting a new lease of life into a PC and reducing the need for expensive hardware upgrades.

DriverScanner is a user-friendly utility software targeting novice home PC-users. It has proven to be useful to countless PC users worldwide who have been annoyed by diminished hardware functionality, conflicts and system crashes. DriverScanner automatically runs a scan of all the hardware installed on the PC and shows a report with a list of outdated drivers. The tool facilitates extremely easy download and installation of the new drivers.

PowerSuite is a powerful combination of all three Uniblue utilities in one, simple-to-use interface. RegistryBooster, SpeedUpMyPC and DriverScanner can be purchased individually, or users can purchase PowerSuite as a complete solution to combat PC speed issues, registry errors and outdated drivers. All Uniblue software is available in 19 languages.
2012 Version Updates include the following:
 Improved scanning engines
 Intelligent tabulation where switching between tabs and screens will no longer lose the previous screen state,
 Detailed view in the scan report screen where this report will be enhanced for better viewing for our users,
 Improved scan scheduling functionality,
 Any tweaks and changes applied can be reverted back through the Backup and Restore features.