Thursday, 13 October 2011

Lastolite Announce New Ezybox Quad

         October 12th 2011, Lastolite Limited, the world’s leading manufacturer of backgrounds and lighting control systems for the photo, video and cinema industry, has announced the launch of the new Ezybox Quad.

The new Ezybox Quad is the ultimate flash gun bracket. Whether you are looking for more power or a faster recycling time from your flashguns, the Ezybox Quad is the perfect solution. Simply attach up to four flash guns to the bracket then attach one of our Ezybox Studio Softboxes or umbrellas (compatible with 8mm or 10mm shaft sizes) to create a beautifully diffused light. The Ezybox Quad can be used in conjunction with various flash gun triggering systems utilising one of the accompanying PC cables that allow you to connect four flashguns to a single receiver (PC connection or 3.5 jack connection).
         The Ezybox Quad Bracket is available separately or in one of the three Ezybox Softbox Quad Kits. Umbrellas can be purchased separately.

         The Ezybox Quad Bracket is Nikon SB-900 compatible.

         Main Features and Benefits:

  1. Attach up to 4 flash guns
  2. Strong, robust design
  3. Includes PC and 3.5mm cables
  4. Can be used with the full range of Lastolite’s Ezybox Studio softboxes or umbrellas

Pricing and Availability:
The Ezybox Quad is available now at SRP £108.00 inc. Also available as a Kit with the Ezybox Studio.

Ezybox Quad Kit with 45cm Ezybox Studio £160 inc
Ezybox Quad Kit with 60cm Ezybox Studio £190 inc
Ezybox Quad Kit with 90cm Ezybox Studio £220 inc           

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