Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Easy, Seamless protection Eliminates Consumer Guesswork in Securing the Growing Number and Type of IP Device

London, UK., Consumer devices per household have exploded. Twenty-five percent of consumers globally have five or more digital devices and 60 percent own at least three, according to the McAfee Digital Assets Survey.
McAfee ®All Access enables consumers and businesses to secure smartphones, tablets, netbooks, PCs, and Macs with the optimal level of security protection for each device.   You can connect, surf, and socialize online, knowing your computer, laptop, netbook, smartphone, and tablet are safe from malicious websites and hackers, viruses, scammers, cyber bullies, and identity thieves. You can even track, lock, or remotely wipe your missing smartphone or tablet – enabling even greater security for the images that you have built up over a sustained period of time.
Secure your PC, laptop, and netbook against hackers and identity theft
Hackers and identity thieves love to target the high-value, confidential personal records and account information you store on your PC, laptop, and netbook. McAfee All Access protects you and your identity as it instantly detects and blocks viruses, stops web and email threats, and freezes out hackers. Our two-way firewall, encrypted digital vault, and wireless network defense safeguard your personal data to deter even the most determined thieves

Fend off threats to your Mac

Your Mac is just as vulnerable to risks as your PC. McAfee All Access warns you of dangerous sites while guarding your Mac desktop or laptop from viruses, phishing scams, social engineering attacks, and identity theft. Content filtering and activity monitoring let you screen inappropriate content and set limits on Internet use.

Protect your smartphone and the precious information it holds

You depend on your smartphone to check email, text, socialize, share photos, shop, and bank online, so your smartphone is just as important to protect as your other computers. McAfee All Access enables you to back up and restore important data, protect against viruses, lock and locate your lost smartphone, and safely surf the web.
* Features and functions are not available on all operating systems and may vary depending on operating system. McAfee WaveSecure service for iOS sold separately at the Apple App Store. Please refer to the McAfee All Access datasheet for additional details.

Guard your tablet against attacks and theft

While you enjoy the convenience of your tablet, attackers target it with malicious code, and thieves eye its resale value. McAfee All Access protects your tablet and personal data in the event of loss or theft, helps you locate and lock it, and safeguards against viruses and risky websites.
Pricing for McAfee All Access is based on a single user or family user license, regardless of the number of devices they need to secure.  McAfee All Access is available from SRP £69.99 inc VAT from Argos, Amazon, John Lewis and other stockists of high quality software.
For more information please see McAfee All Access.

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