Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Reallusion Levels-up iClone5 For Games

March 20th Reallusion’s iClone Animation Pipeline includes three products for game developers to import, characterize, animate and export their assets to game engines using iClone5, Mocap Plugin & 3DXchange5. The iClone Animation Pipeline was on show during the 2012 Game Developer’s Conference, San Francisco.

“Reallusion now connects game developers and designers of every skill level to our real-time 3D animation tools and game-ready content library”, said Charles Chen, Reallusion CEO.  “The iClone Animation Pipeline enables independent game developers to level the playing field as an affordable solution to design, animate and export FBX characters for games.”

Reallusion’s game development debut was supported by Unity Technologies as a partner for the Game Developer’s conference where Unity and Reallusion will feature the iClone Animation Pipeline.

"Reallusion's iClone5 is an impressive character creation, animation and motion capture toolbox for Unity developers. Unity welcomed Reallusion as a showcase partner for GDC 2012”, said David Helgason, CEO of Unity Technologies.

iClone5: 3D Characters
 iClone for games streamlines character design with game-optimized actor bases,  photo-to-3D actor head creation and character clothing customization. Generate multiple character appearances from body-style and facial feature morphs.

iClone5: Animation
Animate characters with HumanIK enabled puppeteering enhanced with actor motion library.
Animation tools accompanying iClone5’s motion capture include a slider-driven body motion puppeteering mixer; HumanIK enabled Inverse and Forward Kinematics and motion layers. Mix and blend motions from within Reallusion’s character animation library to create custom performances from thematic motion packs like Action Hero, Arguments and Communication  Game developers have the option to create character motion from a library, as motion capture or from automated and freestyle motion blending.  Character animation and character models export to video game engines, such as Unity3D in FBX format.

iClone5: Motion Capture
Motion capture with Kinect for Windows and iClone introduces real-time mocap for game developers. iClone5 simplifies animation with instant Kinect-mocap recording, playback and editing. Reallusion, a partner in Microsoft’s Technology Adoption (TAP) Program launched support for the Kinect SDK simultaneously with the launch of Kinect for Windows Feb 01, 2012.  iClone5 is the first commercially and production ready animation tool to adapt the Kinect SDK.  Microsoft is showcasing iClone5 motion capture animation during the Kinect Accelerator tour in NY, LA, Seattle, SFO & Boston.

iClone: 3DXchange5
Customize, animate and export to Unity. Import FBX characters and characterize them for iClone animation and motion capture.  iClone 3DXchange5 imports 3D files and converts them for use inside iClone.  Imported FBX characters’ bones are quickly mapped to iClone’s bones and then are ready for animation.  Animate your game characters in iClone and export as FBX for use in Unity3D and other game engines.  Reallusion is a featured GDC Unity3D partner.

iClone: Content Library
Reallusion’s 3D asset marketplace and content store equips developers with instant access to high-quality game props and character designs.  Access theme packs for collections of war, sci-fi, and more 3D models.  iClone’s content library expands the motions in iClone with mood and action based packs.  Generate motions for game characters from the mix and blend motion capture files and create your own custom sequences.

iClone’s pipeline for games provides a powerful solution for 3D, real-time-optimized game character design, character animation and a massive library of motion packs ready for adding life to your game characters.

The iClone Animation Pipeline will be available for purchase May 2012 for $799 commercial license.  iClone5, Mocap Plugin & 3DXchange5 more info: http://www.reallusion.com

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